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Advice please .......??!!

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spilla Mon 18-Apr-05 10:50:18

Please!!! anyone any advice of how to entertaina two year old, when 8½ months pregnant and don't feel like doing much. No family close by, no energy to go swimming etc and 2 year old has a will or iron!!

Feel like I'm going to explode, can't stop
shouting at him!! He is having a tantrum at the moment cos his favourite jeans are in the washer!!! please help!!!!!!!

Lonelymum Mon 18-Apr-05 10:54:13

Can you leave him in a room where you think he will be safe whilst you lie down somewhere within earshot?

I know how hard it is (have 4 myself). I always got indescribably tired in pregnancy and had to sleep every afternoon. When pg with No 4, I used to leave No 3 downstairs in front of a video - and she was only 2 at the time (but very good). I used to think what would social services say? but I can't emphasize how much I had to sleep.

dot1 Mon 18-Apr-05 13:21:26

I know the weather's not brilliant today, but have you got a garden/yard you can chuck him out in? I got incredibly tired when I was pregnant and had a 2 year old ds to look after, but he entertained himself for longer when he was outside. Videos aswell - don't worry about how much telly he's watching, just stick whatever he wants on..!

ChocolateGirl Mon 18-Apr-05 13:28:21

Oh, you poor thing! I remember this so well... but luckily I had lots of help at the end of pregnancy. I have to say that my boys watched loads of CBeebies and videos, and used the computer quite a lot too (although two might be a little bit young for that).

Have you got any friends you could visit for an afternoon - preferably ones who are not pregnant and have a child of a similar age for yours to play with? Sorry I can't be more help.

ambrosia Mon 18-Apr-05 13:56:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spilla Tue 19-Apr-05 09:53:02

Thanks for the tips - ds at nursery today (I can breathe!!)

Intend to do some retail therapy and go have my haircut - hopefully I will feel better about being at home with him tomorrow!!

Twiglett Tue 19-Apr-05 09:56:27

video, ice cream, over-indulgence

oh I feel for you

can you rope in any friends to take him off your hands?

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