Help! Inconsolable Crying/Screaming 3.5 month old

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Doozie Thu 12-Mar-09 16:03:30

Please help! My 3.5 month old has taken to inconsolable, fever pitch crying and screaming in the afternoons. The sort that she can keep at high intensity for over an hour and leaves me with a splitting headache and close to tears myself.

What am I meant to do - beside leap out of the nearest window which is looking very tempting...?

She's feed, not hot or cold, has no temperature and hasn't missed a sleep.

Things I've tried and haven't worked, change of scene, nursing her, feeding, change nappy, putting her in a baby carrier, leaving her in the cot, any sort of distraction, music, singing, stroking, silence... all do not work...

Going out in the pram does help, it puts her to sleep eventually, but this isn't always practical for me.

I'm at my wits end! This has just started in the last two weeks but it feels like forever. Is it too soon for teeth? Can't see any evidence of them.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance!

Time to stop cowering in the corner and try again...

sleepyandtired Thu 12-Mar-09 17:01:41

Could she have wind, my 3.5 month old ds wakes up screaming at times cause he has a burp stuck, he brings up milk frequently.

Maybe the amount of milk is not enough? I also find that my ds screams after awhile after feed if he was not full? Other than that i have no idea, i hope it sorts out soon.

mabel1973 Thu 12-Mar-09 17:05:27

It is not too soon for teething, but to be honest it sounds to me that she is getting over tired and possibly over stimulated.
What are her naps like during the day?
I read somewhere once that you have to look for the signs of them getting tired, and by the 3rd yawn, you should be getting them down to sleep, winding things down.
My DD is the same age and I take her to her room when she starts to get tired, close the curtains and put on her mobile, I started this about a month ago when she started napping in her own room, she knows now that this routine means nap time and she naps really well now.
I also did the same thing with my 2 older ds's.
Hope this helps.

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