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I am a bad mum!!! DD is still awake and up!

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Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:12:16

Anyone else as bad a parent as we are???

DD (just turned 3) is still up and about, dancing and singing to Madonna Mania infact. It wasn't actually planned. She normally goes to bed at 7:30pm, but after a busy day in town she feel asleep on DH's knee at about 6:45pm, and slept solidaily until nearly 8pm - and then woeke up hungry, having not had any tea (had late lunch you see). She was so sound asleep I just couldn't wake her easily, and didn't want to push it. So we left her for a bit. Obviously she is now full of beans and having a great time dancing and doing little "shows" to the songs on TV for us!

She is going to bed once this finishes in a few minutes though! Hope she sleeps. Knowing DD though, she will now have a lovely lie in

pixiefish Sat 16-Apr-05 22:14:55

This has happened in the pixiefish household quite often. In fact little pixie's bedtime can be anytime between 7 and 9.30- depending on when she has a nap (again if she falls asleep at 4 and sleeps till 6 I can't wake her as she is a grumpy little pixie)

ionesmum Sat 16-Apr-05 22:15:26

Dd1 is now in a routine and needs her sleep, but very often end up spending my evenings with dd2 (13 mo) balanced on my knee whilst typing on th ecomputer. She loves mumsnet!

Wallace Sat 16-Apr-05 22:15:27

Dd (almost 4) has only jujst gone to sleep! She did the same - fell asleep in the car at 6. She has been playing in her room, coming down occaidsionally to find a toy/go to the loo/havwe a chat.

Unfortunately she will not have a lie in the morning...she will be up as bright and early as usual

Clementine Sat 16-Apr-05 22:18:53

Don't post here to often Hula. My eldest is still up (5) and there is no sign of her going to bed at all.

Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:23:18

Oh goody - I am not the only one Just read DD a story and she is now reading to her dollies. She doesn't seem very sleepy though!

Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:24:06

Hi Clem - I haven't seen you over here!!! Lovely to see you, wherevver you are

Clementine Sat 16-Apr-05 22:29:54

I am at home as usual. Don't normally post here.

miggy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:32:59

my dd is up too-in fact she has just crushed the cornflakes for aero's cornflake flapjacks. I was working this am and dh let her sleep in till 10.30!

Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:34:33

That's what I meant Clem!

Oooh, cornflake flapjacks - yummy

Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:34:33

That's what I meant Clem!

Oooh, cornflake flapjacks - yummy

Mhamai Sat 16-Apr-05 22:38:29

My ds seems to be the king of the castle! He dounderstand the meaning of sleep! Though I must admit I only ave myself to blame because I am very leniant with him, anything for peace except he's becoming very willful lately So I dont know people, all I can think is; WHERE R U SUPERNANNY?

kid Sat 16-Apr-05 22:41:24

My DS (just turned 3 too) was allowed to stay up for an extra hour tonight, he went to sleep easily at 9pm. Hopefully he will stay in bed for an hour longer tomorrow, I doubt it though.

As long as your DD was entertaining you, it doesn't matter how late she was up! Hope she catches up on her sleep tomorrow.

Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:43:05

We are generally quite lucky Kid. If DD goes to bed it does generally mean that she sleeps in late too. I have probably jinxed that now though, by typing it here! And she was having fun

LGJ Sat 16-Apr-05 22:45:55


Bad Mummy alert that is just sooooooooooooo slack.

Seriously, what ever works for you..............

kid Sat 16-Apr-05 22:46:24

My DD (6) was up at 6:30am this morning, I must remember to tell her that we don't need to get up quite so early at the weekend. She is at her nans tonight so I don't mind if she wakes up that early tomorrow!

Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:47:04

Oh I can do better than the odd late night for bad mummy award if you really push it. LOL!!!

LGJ Sat 16-Apr-05 22:54:35

Surely not the S word


Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:56:06

Hey, even worse....

we have been to

McDonalds before!!!

Clementine Sat 16-Apr-05 23:04:56

How's your dongle?

LGJ Sat 16-Apr-05 23:06:07

You will be telling me next that you let her have chicken nuggets......................

kid Sun 17-Apr-05 08:12:24

Don't know about you hulababy, but my DS was up at the crack of dawn this morning even if he did stay up for an extra hour last night

Hermione1 Sun 17-Apr-05 08:15:27

Mine are always up early no matter what time i put them to bed, grrrrr

rozalie Sun 17-Apr-05 08:45:46

My daughter has her good and bad days. I try to get her to bed every night for 8pm but now that it only gets dark later then usual she doesn't understand why i am putiing her to bed. She tells me " No mommy. see it's still Good morning", because it is so light out when we try to settle her down. How do i explain to her that it is really bedtime?
Anyway I have also found that nomatter what time she goes to bed, she is up really early like 6-7am every morning!

Hulababy Sun 17-Apr-05 09:12:50

My dongle is still not working Clem

DD woke at just after 8:30 and she is bright and awake and happy - luckily!

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