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Demanding ds !!!!

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sleepymama Sat 16-Apr-05 13:12:42

Sorry - got another question & wondered if anyone could help.
DS (18 weeks) has suddenly become very demanding of attention over the past week. He is grumpy and cries if I'm not giving him my constant attention or picking him up. Its not only me BTW he just wants to be played with and will not entertain himself for longer than 5 mins (even with his toys).
We live with my parents and my younger sister so he's always had a fair bit of attention. However, I have always tried to make sure he's not picked up much but nw he's become nightmare. I can't get anything done. (not even if I sit him in his chair and let him watch me)

Frizbe Sat 16-Apr-05 13:59:16

Hmm there are two schools of thought on this one, the leave him to get on with it a bit longer school, or the pick him up and pay attention one! I'm not sure which I'd go with myself, I think you have to play it by ear and see which you can put up with, do you think its more fustration for him at the mo, is he sitting up by himself yet, when you put him there?attempting rolling over? does he do tummy time well? Maybe he's just becoming more aware of you and realising that you go and come back! hopefully you find a solution soon (sling?)

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