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Clip thing to keep toddler in car seat straps

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Racingsnake Sun 08-Mar-09 18:24:02

I know there have been several threads on this subject, but I have tried every link recommended and found nothing - either the link has disappeared or the product has sold out.

Has anyone recently bought something to keep their toddler in the car seat? I can't keep her in her seat at all!

Notanotter, if you see this, do you live in Germany and does your special car seat actually keep them safe? Tried to follow your link but that had also disappeared!

muppetgirl Sun 08-Mar-09 18:39:34

ooo need this also as ds 2 (16 months and the size and strength of a 2 year old but with a 16 month old brian!) unclicked his the other day right in front of dh.

RedOnHerHead Sun 08-Mar-09 18:43:20
this one is to stop them taking their arms out of the straps.....

RedOnHerHead Sun 08-Mar-09 18:43:54

oops, sorry link here

RedOnHerHead Sun 08-Mar-09 18:48:50

also, a great tip i heard is to use the adhesive velcro and use the scratchy side and stick that on the button - children think it hurts when you press it because its quite rough, so it may deter them. I havent tried it myself though, i've never needed to, (yet), but you could try that?

Racingsnake Sun 08-Mar-09 20:07:50

Will follow that link! A thing to keep her arms in her straps is what I need - her thumb is not yet strong enough to press the button.

Love the idea of a 16-month-old brian. grinUnusual name at the moment!

Racingsnake Sun 08-Mar-09 20:08:59

Although, like your Brian, dd today took her straps off repeatedly in front of dh. Although she was quite safe - he just got cross with me. hmm

loflo Sun 08-Mar-09 20:13:01

when ds was smaller we got a lap tray which meant he couldn't break out cos the catch was covered. worked a treat wink

muppetgirl Sun 08-Mar-09 20:31:53

sorry, have confused myself! Brian should have been brain and he undoes the strap button not escaping from the straps!

Racingsnake Sun 08-Mar-09 20:33:51

He must have very strong fingers to do that! Maybe the velcro trick woud be good for him.

theames Tue 12-Oct-10 21:16:50

Message deleted

wannabeglam Wed 13-Oct-10 21:17:25

Thanks RedOnHerHead, just ordered one. Stopped 4 times in 5 minutes today to put arms back in so hopefully this will do the trick.

twinmum70 Fri 08-Mar-13 15:08:49

Hi, sorry to bump this thread but does anybody know where I can get a strap to stop my baby houdini escaping!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance

Longdistance Fri 08-Mar-13 15:14:48

We own two Houdini straps. Both my dd's are escape artistes. They're brilliant and can highly recommend them.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 08-Mar-13 15:17:46

Houdini Stop.

elfycat Fri 08-Mar-13 15:22:23

We have a Houdini Stop

The only thing to note is that these are sometimes considered dangerous and car seats are not allowed to be sold with them as an integral part. At one point DD1 learned to press the button to release the whole straps and I suddenly realised that if I have an accident this strap would catch her neck.

Having said that I have used them for DD2 but I only put them on after the first straps-off incident of each journey and a lot of nagging.

twinmum70 Fri 08-Mar-13 15:47:20

Thank you all for the replies, much appreciated.

I have found a pink one which looks very similar to the Houdini Stop so hopefully it does the trick (next stop is gaffer tape!)

Lionsntigersnbears Fri 08-Mar-13 20:18:03

As an alternative- we got this for DD as she was everlasting getting her arms out and leaning forwards. worth considering if you're still having difficulties (but hellishly blinking expensive!)

twinmum70 Sat 09-Mar-13 07:22:54

Thanks lionsntigersnbears, this is the one I got :-

Pink Strap

Hopefully it does the trick but if not I will give your suggestions a go.

Thank you all so much for your help, I don't visit forums often but when I do you are all so nice. x

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