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MIL just phoned about DS (he slept there lastnight)

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kid Sat 16-Apr-05 10:39:17

and she said he is the most polite boy
Everything she asked for was 'Can I have X please Nanny' and always followed by 'Thank you Nanny'

See, all that nagging him obviously worked, even if he is very demanding its lovely to know he can be good.

Hulababy Sat 16-Apr-05 10:43:13

Well doen to your DS, and you for teaching him well!

kid Sat 16-Apr-05 10:51:07

thanks hulababy, especially as I have been struggling with his bad behaviour recently. It really is a boost to hear he has been extrememly good!

chipmonkey Sun 17-Apr-05 03:05:25

street angel, house devil like the rest of them!

LGJ Sun 17-Apr-05 08:08:11

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