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6 year old girl with BO!

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nancyp Tue 08-Apr-03 10:33:12

Has anyone come across this before? My dd is six and suffers from BO but only under one arm! Weird. I don't know if its a sign of early development or just a dodgy gland. I have tried not to make anything of it, and just made sure that fresh clothes are worn every day and she's nice & clean.

emsiewill Tue 08-Apr-03 11:01:32

There was a thread about this type of thing not so long ago nancyp it's here

nancyp Tue 08-Apr-03 11:08:39

thanks for pointing me in right direction emsiewill, it was a big help and saved a trip to the docs.

emsiewill Tue 08-Apr-03 11:09:34

glad to be of service (especially when I'm skiving )

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