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Have our first session with child psycholgist tomorrow.

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kid Thu 14-Apr-05 22:49:35

It has been established DS (3) doesn't have a behaviour disorder, but tomorrow we have our first session with the child psychologist to try and control his temper tantrums.

I feel I have managed really well with him for the past week or so. Must be because I haven't taken him anywhere. Its when we go out that I end up stressed out with him shouting / screaming and running off.

Wish us luck!

juniperdewdrop Thu 14-Apr-05 22:51:59

Good luck kid and little kid, I'll be thinking of you.

How old is DS3 btw?

paolosgirl Thu 14-Apr-05 22:56:04

Good luck! We're in the system now, and it has been very helpful (and a relief to finally be doing something and having his behaviour recognised).

kid Thu 14-Apr-05 22:59:04

he is my only DS and he is 3
I also have a DD who is 6 and she is an angel, can't believe the difference in them actually!

juniperdewdrop Thu 14-Apr-05 23:03:18

My DS2 used to be really hard work. He still has the odd flare up and is 4.5 yrs. I swear by cranial osteopathy though as it changed his behaviour greatly. His pre school noticed the change too and couldn't believe it. DS1 is 7 and really easy.

kid Thu 14-Apr-05 23:06:22

I could write a book on DS's tantrums, he has so many.
Today he wasn't my friend because I woke him up to go and get DD from school.
Then he screamed the place down because I drove to the school which meant he couldn't play on the climbing frame. But, he did give me a cuddle when we got home and told me that he did like me really!

juniperdewdrop Thu 14-Apr-05 23:08:19

Oh so could I kid. I once had a woman come up to me in Asda as I was ignoring a flare up and ask 'can't you shut that kid up?' I said no but I'll shut you up in a minute! Stressed, moi???

kid Thu 14-Apr-05 23:12:06

We went to the London Aquarium, DS was going into one because I put him in his buggy in the gift shop (he is a bull in a china shop!) so DS screamed, kicked, shouted, all of which I ignored as best as I could.
My sister was also with us but further in the shop, some man tutted and said 'I've paid for the privelege of hearing that child!'

I was fuming when she told me, I asked her to point him out but he had gone. Wonder if he realised we were together!

juniperdewdrop Thu 14-Apr-05 23:16:51

I know, where do these people come from?

When ds2 does that I just get on his level and as calm as possible say 'right J I'm taking you home because you're being too noisey' or something on these lines then I take him out for a minute calmly saying things like 'see if there's a bus coming B (eldest)' But B is in on the act It works most of the time and I don't need to do it much now. J calms down and we go back in. It can backfire though but not often.

kid Fri 15-Apr-05 13:40:58

Had our meeting and it was better than our initial assessment. She gave me some advice on dealing with DS. He often interupts and smacks me. She said he is jealous he doesn't have my undivided attention.
I explained how it stresses me out when I have to deal with his behaviour and other peoples reaction to him and she bascially said tough, other people will just have to learn to deal with it!

It was quite an indepth meeting, lots and lots of questions and I don't know whether I am failing as a parent or what!

She keeps reassuring me that I am doing a fantastic job and that I am handling everything really well. But it is hard and she understands. Have another meeting with her in a couple of weeks. She has advised me to take notes of things DS gets up to between now and then. I feel she has seen quite a few of DS's tantrums to know how I feel!

She must have worn him out today, he sat on the settee and crashed out! Nice and peaceful for a little while

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