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Can my 15 month old be jealous of my newborn?

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Zebraa Mon 02-Mar-09 20:14:48

I've got a 15 months old DS and a 2 week old DD who is obviously demanding. Since coming home, DS has been so much more demanding himself (won't leave me alone, can't leave the room without him screaming the place down, throwing tantrums when I've got my hands full with DD). Am I looking too much into it? He threw a tantrum thought Night Garden yesterday because I was sorting out my DD and left him with my Mum - I normally have to peel him off the tv when its on!!!

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Zebraa Mon 02-Mar-09 20:17:48

I should add I have increased his nursery placement from 2 mornings a week to 4 mornings a week since having DD and he was OK with it at first (he has been going 4 mornings since 2 weeks before DD arrived to get him settled) and he was OK as he LOVES it but has recently started screaming every morning I leave him and have to peel him off me and hand him to nursery. Hate leaving him like this, is there anything I could/should be doing?

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mumeeee Mon 02-Mar-09 22:24:50

Yes a 15 month old can be jealous of a newborn. Also he might wonder why he can't stay at home with you as that what the baby does.

controlfreakythecontrolfreak Mon 02-Mar-09 22:29:08

he must be v anxious about what you and the baby are up too while he's away.... it's v early days though.... he needs as much attention and reassurance as you can give him.... can you use the help you have to free you up for this, leaving the newborn who wont care who's holding her with whoever's helping....

Zebraa Mon 02-Mar-09 23:32:22

We're showeing him with so much attention but like tonight, DD was crying after me and DP playing farm with DS so I got up and he just started throwing his animals everywhere and crying so DP had to cuddle him. Hate seeing him fed up.

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controlfreakythecontrolfreak Mon 02-Mar-09 23:35:34

it's a big adjustment for all of you.... be gentle with yourselves!

Lovely54 Thu 22-Nov-18 14:03:13

Totally understand how you feel. My smdaughters 5 weeks old and my son is 15 months old. Ever since his sisters arrives my son is displaying awful behaviour. Not eating dinner throwing plates spoons and crying all the time.

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