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18mth ds is waking in the night heeelp sleep needed!

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bumptobabies Thu 14-Apr-05 17:17:31

we have just cracked getting him off to sleep without us staying with him but now he wakes in the night.hell wake at 1 go down after a couple of pats on the back the hes up again minuetes later.this will go on until 2-30 when hell cry for 5mins and finally go to sleep until 6-30 at which point im shattered.any tips would be fantastic.

huggybear Thu 14-Apr-05 17:21:35

my ds is nearly 3 and still wakes up at 11pm 2.30pm and 6am it's driving me crazy!

he insists we get into bed with him and he has to hold my hair!

does he have a dummy? How did you get him to go to sleep with out you staying?

am totally lost in how to get him to sleep through, hopefully an expert will be along soon!

bumptobabies Fri 15-Apr-05 08:08:28

hb lets start a zombie association well one sat night i decided to bath him and feed him like normal put him in his cot pat his back say there there there see you in the morning and walk out, he cried so i went in after 5mins did the same then went in after 7mins did the same then he went off, this went on for three nights now he crys for 2mins if that and goes off. before that he would need us to stay untill he was asleep but he would sleep through untill 6-30 so this maybe worse.

bobbybob Fri 15-Apr-05 08:12:20

My ds is 25 months and if he goes to bed crying he wakes in the middle of the night inconsolable. If he drifts off happy he sleeps through.

bumptobabies Fri 15-Apr-05 08:12:44

hb have you got a wig ds can go to sleep with or maybe attach some of you hair to a doll or something i dont know im just thinking out loud.i think if i didnt have dh i would let the kids pile in my bed sleep for all.let me know what you decide to do and where are the expert mums???

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