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Help - London - Oz for 5 weeks

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Audra Wed 13-Apr-05 09:31:29

Flying London - Australia at the end of the month.

Firstly, any tips on drugging? I am not a fan of drugging a baby (mine is 6m) to keep it quiet but I wonder if it is sensible to do so for such a long journey. Has anyone done it? What did you use?

Secondly, I've seen Gina Ford's tips for changing a baby's time clock (Oz is 10 hours ahead) but has anyone actually done it? Any tips there?

Lastly, after last trip where I hired a car with infant carrier, and got a car without one, then eventually a child seat and not an infant carrier, I want to take hers with us. Has any one carted a car seat and a buggy all over the world? Is it sensible or silly?

Frizbe Wed 13-Apr-05 09:45:28

Seen a thread re Oz on here before, UK car seats aren't compatable with OZ requirements, so might not be a good idea to take it! (unless its an Oz one of course)
A friend has just comeback from Oz with her 9mth old, who didn't even have a bassinet on the way back as not enuff on plane.... her dd had to sleep on the drink/dinner tray! (lucky she still fitted eh!) and I've just got back from USA with my 17mth old, I'd recomend Calpol for those screamey moments, although I've known people to use Medised as well. Try this site for useful info

Frizbe Wed 13-Apr-05 09:45:58

Lets try that again!

Chuffed Wed 13-Apr-05 10:29:46

dd has been London - NZ at 4.5 and 9.5mths took a day to adjust to time clock which was the same as us. We didn't drug but might be worth taking calpol or something on the plane as a just in case of sore ears or something.
Even though we had a bassinet dd didn't like it that much and would sleep in it if she was already asleep when put in. As you have to take them out during turbulence etc and put them back in the seatbelt we found it easier just to have her sleep against us.
We took our buggy and infant seat with us to NZ both times. We can clip it to the buggy so it looks like a travel system and they checked them both at the gate.
Are you flying alone or with partner? If there are two of you it is helpful if one of you orders a 'special' meal of some sort ie. vegetarian, low fat, seafood etc as they tend to come out first and one can eat while the other holds. Some airlines do this anyway with normal meals (Singapore Airlines) but they are the only ones we have found that do otherwise you are both sitting trying to eat over a wriggling baby.
You'll be fine. Would do the trip tomorrow again if we could afford it and the time off.

cori Sun 17-Apr-05 21:01:10

You can hire car seats in Australia. If the car you hire doesnt have one already installed, there are hire shops you can go too. You can also rent travel cots etc.

Davros Sun 17-Apr-05 22:25:08

I don't think Calpol has any affect on sleep. Why don't you see your GP and ask? Its perfectly reasonable. Otherwise people seem to recommend Fenugren (sp?) but not sure about this for such a young baby. You could also look into Melatonin but, again, not sure for such a young baby.

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