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teeth or tantrums?

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mooki Sat 21-Feb-09 20:41:41

DD is a couple of weeks off 18 months.

It feels like in the last few days she has been getting whingier and whingier.

There's a lot of pulling, pointing and shrieking to get what she wants, exactly when she wants it and lots of tears if she can't have whatever it is (large tub of vaseline, saucepan of boiling water, beer.)

On the other hand, she has got at least four fingers permanently jammed in her mouth and I can feel two pointy pre-molars descending.

I'd really like to hope that her current state of little madame behaviour is either caused or exacerbated by teeth but I'm very afraid that actually we're now in for the long haul.

She can say a few words but part of the problems is half the time, I can't work out what is is she's getting so upset about. Does it get better when they can talk?

homicidalmatriach Sat 21-Feb-09 20:46:08

Yes it gets better when they are talk - if you like to hearing 'mummmmmeeeeee my head/bum/hand/ear hurts' constantly grin

Does sound like teething. May I suggest giving her some neurofen and seeing if her behaviour improves. Or you can do the chocolate button test 'would you feel better for a chocolate button' works out the difference between the feigned and the real pain!

mooki Sat 21-Feb-09 21:27:06

We had been keeping the nurofen in a box with a lid at the back of the changing table. She wriggled away at changing time today and got the bottle and the syringe out put them down in front of me and said 'yes'!

I didn't capitulate then and there but I did dose her later on. (And found a new location for the baby drug stash.)

homicidalmatriach Sun 22-Feb-09 08:52:28

Why are you holding back on giving it - neurofen is anti inflammatory - it reduces the swelling in the gums giving the teeth a shot at breaking through quicker (as well as relieving pain). Do you enjoy the teething process then? hmm grin

homicidalmatriach Sun 22-Feb-09 08:53:00

BTW get some Abidec vitamin syrup - lemon flavoured, same size and type bottle and fools toddlers every time!

mooki Sun 22-Feb-09 22:39:29

No, not holding back, just not entirely sure she's ready to self medicate at 18 months. grin

Maybe DD does associate the bottle with less teething pain? I just thought she got it out coz she likes the sugary stawberry taste!

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