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3 yo has just weed on her bed

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LolaLadybird Sat 21-Feb-09 05:09:37

I woke up half an hour ago to hear DD crying out and saying 'I need a wee' - she wears a nappy at night so I left for her a couple of minutes thinking she might be calling out in her sleep but when the volume rose, I went in. I found her screaming, stood up on her bed with a nappy off, weeing over her bed. Cue full bedding change etc. She's now asleep (as is DH after briefly waking up) and I'm sat here having a rant after putting a wash on as I'm too wound up to go to back to sleep). Has anyone had this [said rather desperately!]?

I really don't think she's ready to come out of nappies at night as her nappy is always completely wet. We have had a real drive this week on getting her to take herself to the toilet rather than needing me all the time so don't know whether she's got confused in her sleep ... We had a couple of weeks of regular weeing accidents recently having been always really good about going to the loo. That was frustrating but I thought we were over it which is why this has made me feel pretty exasperated.

Anyway, end of rant ... have cup of tea in hand and the typing is calming me down (the therapuetic effect of MN - you don't even need a response to feel better!).

steviesgirl Sat 21-Feb-09 05:17:43

Not had that yet. That pleasure is still to come for me! My dd still wears one in bed too, but she doesn't really control her bladder at night yet, she will just go in her nappy without wanting to take it off.

Sorry to hear that. It's deflating when you think you are getting somewhere with something with your LO and then you take a step back. Don't worry, she will soon get the hang of it.

Take some deep breaths and enjoy your cuppa. It will all be forgotten when she wakes up.

LolaLadybird Sat 21-Feb-09 05:28:34

Thanks Stevie. Have read a few other threads - amazing who else is around at 5 am - have finished my tea and starting to feel sleepy so think I'll take myself back to bed and let DH get up with DC's when they wake in about an hour and a half.

Actually, have to say, it's a nice time of day to enjoy a cuppa ... v peaceful!

Loopymumsy Sat 21-Feb-09 09:11:04

Message withdrawn

OrmIrian Sat 21-Feb-09 09:15:33

It sounds like progress doesn't it? If she recognised the fact that she needed to wee but was too confused to get herself there?

Frustrating for you though. COuld you restrict evening drinks and put her on the toilet/potty before you go to bed?

SobranieCocktail Sat 21-Feb-09 09:20:33

Not an ideal start to the morning, but it's certainly not her fault. If she woke up needing a wee she was probably too groggy to get to the loo be herself, but was desperate not to "wet herself". FWIW my DD (just turned 4) still needs help going for a wee in the middle of the night. She calls out for me, and if I'm too slow in getting to her she finds it hard to hold onto her pee.

LolaLadybird Sat 21-Feb-09 11:41:55

Thanks everyone. Went back to bed at about 5.30 am and everyone slept in until 8 am so at least the early morning antics wore everyone out!

Maybe I should think about a potty in DD's bedroom and/or waking her at our bedtime. At the mo, she wears pull-ups at night and I don't expect her to go to the loo ... and she's never tried. So, as Orm says, maybe this is progress ... hadn't really thought of it in those terms (and would've been hard to put a +ve spin on it this morning at 4.30 am!). Because she wakes up with a really wet nappy, I assumed it was too early to start thinking about trying to get her dry at night but maybe I need to give it some more thought. I now feel bad for being cross with her blush. Although she woke up chatting to herself in her room so I don't think she's too scarred!

We have family arriving tomorrow and she'll be sharing a room with her 5 yo twin cousins for the next week so not a great time to start tinkering with night-time toileting habits but we'll see how it goes.

Thankyouandgoodnight Sat 21-Feb-09 14:49:29

It sounds like she's progressed - she knows she needs a wee and has woken up and is pulling her 'pants' down as she does in the day but probably groggy and not realised where she was maybe? My friend's DD was fully potty trained in the day with soaking nappies at night and then one day my friend just stopped the nappies altogether and i think there were 3 accidents at night and then it all stopped and she was fine. Try it!

I can also remember as a child thinking that i was on the toilet and weeing but in fact i was still asleep and in bed. I still have to pinch myself if i get up for a wee now as a result!

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