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Should I put th flow-control valve back in DS's cups? He is driving me bonkers

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MarlaSinger Thu 19-Feb-09 09:22:55

We use these cups for DS with milk and water, they have a valve to slow the flow down and we have always had it on the fastest setting - so it is not a non-spill cup but drips rather than pours.

He is 16 months now and obviously we want to work towards open cups, he can manage a doidy cup fine (with meals) but just throws it around so for use in the daytime he still needs the spout - but since removing the valve completely and making it totally free-flowing he just shakes them wildly until they are empty, I am sick of steam-cleaning milk out of the sofa

did we do it too soon or should I wait out this 'phase'?

AlexanderPandasmum Thu 19-Feb-09 09:59:27

DS is nearly 2 and he still does that when he's fed up with his milk!

I am not sure what the answer is - I know DS is completely capable of drinking from an open cup but he can't be trusted not to go splashing in the contents!

MrsBadger Thu 19-Feb-09 10:01:01

dd is 18m and we currently use valves for milk but not for water - she is a shaker too

Smee Thu 19-Feb-09 11:08:47

Take away the stress away and put the valves back on. He's only 16 months after all.
When he's a bit bigger give him a special small glass that's his and his alone and let him have it when you all eat together. He'll soon learn.

nailpolish Thu 19-Feb-09 11:10:25

just have drinks at mealitimes

nailpolish Thu 19-Feb-09 11:11:00

OMG mrsB ds is 18mths already? shock

MrsBadger Thu 19-Feb-09 11:30:27

apart from being a dd, yes wink

(I still remember with gratitude your stern instruction to have a pedicure and a wax the day before she was born...)

nailpolish Thu 19-Feb-09 11:43:44

i meant dd, yes, sorry!

18mths is a lovely age smile

MarlaSinger Thu 19-Feb-09 17:11:04

Thanks, valves are firmly back in place, let's see in a few months...

fledtoscotland Thu 19-Feb-09 19:45:31

i've put the valves back in our cups as DS1 (17months) loves shaking the drink all over my very unimpressed dog

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