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My 15month old DD won?t stop biting, any advice?

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Gils Thu 19-Feb-09 09:06:40

My daughter keeps biting others. We can go a few weeks with no incidents and you finally think she is over it then its back. If there is even the slightest disagreement over a toy with her cousins she tries to bite them.
Yesterday my husband picked her up from nursery where he was told she had bitten 3 kids and there had now been complaints and when I go up next week the situation will need to be looked at and a meeting scheduled. If it continues they could remove her from nursery.
If we see her biting we remove her straight away and say no biting and make her sit without toys. We try to explain to her its wrong and hurts but it just doesn?t seem to register.
Any suggestions?

notyummy Thu 19-Feb-09 09:19:01

Make a HUGE fuss of the person who has been bitten....pick them up cuddle them/play with them, so she sees that she loses attention and someone else gets your attention when she does it.

Very difficult at this age I know.

lou031205 Thu 19-Feb-09 09:47:24

She is 15 months. No comprehension of what biting means. Best hope is that she learns that she just doesn't do it.

"We try to explain to her its wrong and hurts but it just doesn?t seem to register." - She is 15 months. A baby.

Be consistent, firm, but distraction is key.

DD2 is now 18 months and is just getting out of it.

MinkyBorage Thu 19-Feb-09 09:54:11

Completely agree with notyummy, lavishing 'victim' with attention really did help with us, although I guess it's hard if you're not there all the time. DD went through a stage of pinching faces, and biting from about 14 months. Can't remember how long it lasted, must have been a few months, but I do remember thinking it would last forever. It was awful, but she's 3 now, and it's hard to imagine that this empathetic, sensitive, lovely and kind little girl ever did such a thing. It will pass.

fgs, you'd think that the nursery would be able to deal with this. It they exclude a 15month old for biting, then imo they shouldn't be looking after children in the first place!

taliac Thu 19-Feb-09 10:02:04

Agree with notyummy and minky re tactics.

Also - is she teething? DD2 tends to use biting as a form of self expression far more when shes teething than when shes not..

If so, might be worth looking into providing her with some teethers or something that she she is allowed to bite (as opposed to people!)

Gils Thu 19-Feb-09 10:53:32

I will definetly try that tactic this weekend. Unfortunately no siblings so if she attempts it with her cousins from now on I'll give that a try.

I was very angry last night when DH said there was possibility of her being removed but if other parents complained then they need to take action. They expect there kids to be going there for fun, not to be bitten.

She definetly lashes out more when she is teething. I had explained to them when I dropped her of that she had us up through the night and I thought she was teething again and when she came home last night one of her larger teeth half way up her gums has just pushed through.

Hopefully it will pass soon, its really come out since just before Xmas. Your on edge of your seat anytime she is playing with kids.

Thanks you

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