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smerchant Sun 15-Feb-09 01:42:09

My ds is now 18 months old and the last time i visited HV was when he was 7th months old. He has been fine in terms of putting on weight and growth since birth. He was seen by GP for his 1 year check and all was well.

He has been seen by gp few times for minor ailments and has had all his shots.

Do i need to take him to HV on regular intervals?

foxytocin Sun 15-Feb-09 05:20:53


they will contact your for a 2 yr then a 3 yr home visit iirc.

mankyscotslass Sun 15-Feb-09 07:29:13

No you don't need to take him unless you have any concerns.
Round here we no loinger see the HV at 2, but are invited to a childrens tea party at 30mths to raise any concerns, then that is it! Nothing else at all.

smerchant Sun 15-Feb-09 13:01:39

ok, thanks

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