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8 mth old waking every 3 hours

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Junos32 Sun 08-Feb-09 00:15:20

Hi there,

My 8 mth old son spent the first 2 wks of his life in the neo natal unit as he was 5 wks premature and his sucking reflex wasn't developed. In the unit they woke him every 3 hours for a feed (i was expressing so he was having breastmilk). While i was happy to continue this for a while i have been unable to break this routiene. He goes to bed every night at 7pm with out any trouble but then wakes at 10pm, 1am, 4am etc. He goes back to sleep fairly quickly usually after less than 15 minutes. He is not hungry as he never wants his bottle and can sleep with or without a dummy. He is very much a textbook baby so much so he won't sleep for longer periods than 3 hours. Has anybody else had this issue?

Junos32 Sun 08-Feb-09 00:19:37

Hi there,

Any suggestions in how to get a 8 month old to sleep longer than 3 hours at a time would be very welcome. He is such a textbook baby I cannot break his routiene that he got in the neo natal unit when he was born. He is not hungry or his nappy is not soiled it is pure routeine. Help!

blinks Sun 08-Feb-09 00:43:58



hypnotise him?


i'm of no help.

jack99 Sun 08-Feb-09 01:03:17

My DS was same until 8 mths as yours is. Woke every hour, not hungry, just habit. Went to sleep clinic (referered by HV). In the end, controlled crying did the trick fairly quickly. As I knew he was not hungry, ill or in pain was able to do this. Vast improvement in only a few nights. My reasoning was "you do not NEED me, you just LIKE seeing me all night, but if Mummy does not get some sleep she cannot do nice things with you in the day".

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