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two completely different subjects!

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Juliettesmum Fri 08-Apr-05 09:33:16

The first thing I need advuce on is how to keep an 11month old happy in the car? She hates being in the car and toys only distract her for a few minutes. She cries and cries and I feel bad about going out.
The other thing is that my daughters 1st birthday is coming up. We are getting her a swing and a sit and ride. My friends and family keep asking me what they should get her. It took me long enough to think up something she'd like from myself! Any ideas???

Twiglett Fri 08-Apr-05 09:36:53

first question: do you have one of those mobiles that attach to the windows? or give her a beaker to drink - is she in a forward facing chair? TBH I think some babies just don't like cars. The best thing I've found is a 4 year old, but don't suppose you can borrow one of those

second question: tell them to get clothes - give them sizes - practical and fun to shop for, or let someone else buy one of the swing / sit and ride toys. or open a bank account and ask them for a cheque to put in her bank account

I've got one that age too, am thinking of buying her nothing (how cruel am I?)

elliedragon Fri 08-Apr-05 09:36:58

Does dd like music? What about a nursery rhyme cd/tape - i know you will grow to hate it but my 2 always seem to enjoy it.

As for presents cant really recommend anything, the swing is a good idea.

Twiglett Fri 08-Apr-05 09:38:04

oh gawd - don't start on kiddie music it will drive you mad - mine have always listened to my music and are quite happy doing so, personally I don't GET the concept of children's music .. tune into the radio - rock, classic, rap, reggae they love the lot

elliedragon Fri 08-Apr-05 09:40:04

Luckily I have weaned mine off the child music now and they listen to what im listening to. I do alot of 5 hour journeys with them so sometimes anything for a quiet life.

vict17 Fri 08-Apr-05 09:41:31

Mine ds has just turned one. We got clothes, a leapfrog drum, toy phone, rocking horse (not really needed to be honest!) for presents. I thik asking for clothes is a good idea. And what about a sandpit or paddling pool if they want to be something bigger.

Evesmama Fri 08-Apr-05 09:44:23

although incredibly irritating nursery rhymn cd's keep my dd happy!
we are also thinking of getting her a portable dvd for the car, so on longer trips, she can watch her favourites
for the birthday, ask for vouchers for toysrus, as weather is still rubbish, you can go in warmer weather with your little one to pick out some new outdoor toys

Twiglett Fri 08-Apr-05 09:47:53

Am now thinking through all DS's toys that DD has inherited

Do you have wooden blocks in a little trolley (there's a really good one at John Lewis)

Stacking cups

Musical instruments - shakers and electronic (ELC great for this)

vict17 Fri 08-Apr-05 09:53:10

ds also got this my parents like to give noisy presents!!

Evesmama Fri 08-Apr-05 10:16:35

im selling one of these?ideal for crawlers right up to dd's age(almost 2)
but if you want a new one, they are about £40 now and are the best thing i ever bought dd!

Chuffed Fri 08-Apr-05 10:23:21

presents - dd just had her birthday - books are a firm favourite in our household.
As for the car sorry not much help but find keeping dd occupied in a bus for a long journey things like...'what can we see - look there's a red car, a truck, a dog etc.'

Rarrie Fri 08-Apr-05 17:09:20

Okay 1 year old toys... do you have the space?

Rocking horse
Little car to push around
Boots do a fab shape sorter that also has handles.
Dollies (baby annabel)
Dolly's pushchair. (I know they're older but my DD used it from the time she could walk!)
a push a long toy
A big Coupe car for the garden. Again says older, but mine used hers from 1 year.
A trampoline for 1 yr +
A splash pool for babies

Juliettesmum Sat 09-Apr-05 15:02:51

Thanks very much for advice on presents. We have a big garden so thats why i am getting the swing etc. but we have loads of furniture indoors so not that much space for big toys. Think i might get her a potty. See what she thinks of it. She'll probably stick her head in it!

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