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teething - 20 wks? is it always front teeth first or caN it be an incisor?

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kookiegoddess Tue 03-Feb-09 13:30:23

DD is 20 wks, bit cranky and dribbly today. I have looked at her gums and can see a little white bump on upper gum to left, and that cheek has been pink for a few days. I thought that it was always the front teeth that came first tho. could this be a tooth? the pointy incisor one?
have looked at pics of thrush online, doesn't look like that and rest of mouth is clear. she's been dribbling lots for weeks now. shd I start giving teetha/calgel/calpol anyway?

Mummyella Tue 03-Feb-09 15:09:27

Nearly always the bottom front ones first but for some reason my daughter got her top molars first hmm so they do like to surprise you sometimes.

You could also see the molars in her gum (on the front surface of her gum) from when she was born - kind of white, hard bumps - I showed them to the mw and hv but they had no idea what they were!

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