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Excessive blinking in 3 year old - anyone else's child done this?

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firststeps Sun 01-Feb-09 17:34:22

DS1 is 3.1 and for the last 3-4 weeks has been blinking excessively, coinciding with him starting nursery just after Christmas. He says there is nothing wrong with his eyes, they don't look sore and he isn't rubbing them. I wondered if it was just a habit or if I should be concerned about this?

jalopy Sun 01-Feb-09 17:46:11

I believe it's called a tic. It should pass. Try not to bring any attention to it.

Shitemum Sun 01-Feb-09 17:55:27

It could be that it's a bit hot and dry at nursery and his eyes are suffering as a result.
I have noticed this since we had heating installed recently - I wake up in the morning with very dry eyes even if we've hardly had it on.

DorisIsAPinkDragon Sun 01-Feb-09 17:56:35

DD1 3.5 has been doing this for the last 3-4 weeks it is letting up a bit now, again nothing wrong with her eyes, pre-school leader thought she had hair in them but she's not long had her fringe cut.

Dniece also did the same at a similar age.

We haven't made too much of it ( actually have just completely ignored it as talking about it just encouraged).

Good luck just try not to get tooooooo exasperated!!!!

tryingherbest Sun 01-Feb-09 17:57:14

My son did it at 2.5 - he was under an opthalmic specialist anyhow so we brought it to their attention and they said it was nothing to do with his sight and most probably emotional. It passed after about 2 months. Sometimes kids are nervous about something and internalise it.

Could well be settling in at nursery.

firststeps Sun 01-Feb-09 20:29:46

thanks everyone - I will try and ignore although it is hard not to comment on it grin

izyboy Sun 01-Feb-09 20:32:29

Probably tired then. I took DS to the Drs wuth this and a weary GP said it was just DS becoming aware of his physiology. He still does it when he is tired tho'.

Mummyella Tue 03-Feb-09 14:30:19

My daughter has gone through quite a few tics including blinking, grunting and opening her eyes really wide.

Each one lasted a few weeks and then went away. Otherwise she is well, happy etc. I wouldn't worry - just ignore it and it will probably stop by itself

horseymum Tue 03-Feb-09 20:41:27

my ds did this for a while. a friend who is an opticitian thought it was maybe just central heating as we were just coming into winter. it's gone now anyway!

Mutt Tue 03-Feb-09 20:44:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twosofar Tue 03-Feb-09 20:57:38

Very glad I have seen this thread. I have asked for a referral to the Eye Clinic at the hospital for DS1 (2.10) blinking really hard and screwing his eyes up a lot. Feel slightly less anxious now..

yesihavnamechangedd Tue 03-Feb-09 21:09:27

dd did this, turned out she had damaged her eye with a kitchen roll tube beign a pirate.....

firststeps Tue 03-Feb-09 21:45:52

hi twosofar - that's exactly what DS1 is doing - really exaggerated blinking if that makes sense. We have an appointment with the GP next week so I'll keep you posted. Thanks everyone for your advice and it looks like this is really common smile

sunandstars Tue 03-Feb-09 22:14:25

Tics are common at this age as has been said.

I would take him for an NHS eye examination (fine at 3 years at a normal opticians)as well as going to GP.

All children should have regular eye examinations from this age anyway.

twosofar Thu 05-Feb-09 18:28:30

Hi firststeps
My HV has referred us to the Orthoptist at King's (our local hospital) and we have just got the appointment through for next Friday, so I'll get straight back and let you know the verdict from this end too.
Good luck with your appt

pushkar Thu 05-Feb-09 18:32:43

he may be finding starting nursery highly anxious and stress ful
try talking to him and asking what he likes at nursery eventually he will say what he does not like....
we all feel stressed starting something i don't think its a medical problem sounds more like anxiety... maybe you could bring him home earlier or take him in later and if this is not possible try to find the cause for his blinking
but it seems like he is worried or anxious ask him who he is making friends with ? what his favoutite toy or game is at nursery does he like the nursery staff who is his favourite person etc.,

Mutt Thu 05-Feb-09 19:42:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LovingMJ Mon 09-Mar-09 00:22:11

I am SO glad I found this post. I am going through I REALLY hard time right now with my 3 year old son....who has very recently developed a blinking tic.

Is anyone interested in talking about this still? Also, anyone who posted about this above about their dear child...did it pass or become more of an issue?

Thank you so much!

zeeka Mon 09-Mar-09 00:25:59

I had a blinking tic. Was an issue for me as I couldn't stop doing it, it was a compulsion, and it really annoyed me! It was due to stress and nervous anxiety, I think, but possibly a bit of OCD too. I would definitely see if there is anything in particular that could be making your child stressed or anxious.

LovingMJ Mon 09-Mar-09 12:21:21

There definitely could be issues that are making my son nervous and anxious. He has been getting chronic sinus infections for the past few months and has been seeing an ENT. We went there 3 times and each time they sick this skinny tube up his nose that he doesn't like. He also went to an allergist and had a scratch test on his back which he hated and cried. He also had to go the hospital last week for a sweat test to rule of cystic fibrosis. (He has NO allergies and doesn't have cystic fibrosis). We are also dealing with a peeing issue and had to see a urologist this week (pees every few minutes, I don't think he is emptying his bladder completely). So yes, I feel that all these doctors and all these tests are freaking him out....but what am I to do?

This is definitely taking a toll on my life. I am up all night could all these things be happening over night? He is fine one day and then BOOM...a new thing is wrong. I am a full time working mom and work is impossible...all I do is sit here and THINK all day of the possibilities that COULD be wrong.

I just want some to say to me....Look he is 3, it is common, it will go away in a few weeks. But, I know that is not possible.

If you have gotten this far...thanks for letting me vent.

EachPeachPearMum Mon 09-Mar-09 12:26:06

My sister had this- it does go, but it goes quicker when it is ignored, and the child isn't pulled up on it all the time.

LovingMJ Mon 09-Mar-09 12:36:29

Thanks EachPeach. I understand to try to ignore it and not bring it up...which we have been doing. BUT, if he is not doing it on purpose and can't just stop is ignoring it going to make it go away quicker?

firststeps Mon 09-Mar-09 13:58:58

Hi LovingMJ - I wrote the OP and just wanted to write and reassure you - DS stopped doing this after about 3 weeks, I hope your lo is ok smile

Barmymummy Mon 09-Mar-09 17:27:04

Yes same here, my DS aged 3 had a 'blinking' tic too. Took him to the optician who said all ok and sure enough it did pass in a few weeks. Try not to worry,xx

LovingMJ Tue 10-Mar-09 15:31:54

I am just curious.....are any of your children on Singulair?

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