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4 year old asking how babies are made

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MumOnaMission Wed 06-Apr-05 23:13:46

DD 4 has started asking how babies are made. Any tips? I've just sprouted a load of rubbish about planting seeds etc. but I don't think she's satisfied - "but how does it ACTUALLY get in there" etc etc.

Fran1 Wed 06-Apr-05 23:19:37

I believe in being honest. But its tricky isn't it!

Have you already tried daddy puts a seed in mummys tummy? is that where the HOW came from? TBH when my dd gets to this stage, and if she pushed for more info i'd just state the truth "with his willy".
Is that a bad thing to tell a four year old?

Look forward to seeing others views.

I'm asking myself what damage can be done by telling them that, and the only concern i would have is that they would start announcing it in public, or even get school teachers worried about where she learnt such a thing.

But what else can you say?

whatsername Wed 06-Apr-05 23:21:26

TBH I was completely honest with my ds when he asked similar questions at that age. I showed him books and answered questions honestly, but without too much detail. They understand as much as they are capable of and then reject the rest.

If you're not comfortable about that, what about a lifecycle book about chickens/frogs/flowers or whatever. Might answer enough of the questions to satisfy her whilst distracting a little?

WigWamBam Wed 06-Apr-05 23:23:23

My dd isn't quite 4 and has asked this question, and I told her the truth, albeit in simplified form. She wanted to know how daddy puts the seed there, so I told her with his willy, she asked where he put his willy and I told her. She just nodded sagely and went back to her colouring book. I don't think it's a big deal, to be honest; I would say just to answer the particular question she asks and don't elaborate unless she asks you to.

Frizbe Wed 06-Apr-05 23:24:29

we went for the special hug theory which satisfied ss (5 at the time) since someone told him at school the actual process just before Xmas,(now aged 6!) we have since had to re visit the issue, via the whole birds bees etc, as we caught him telling his 4 year old cousin the gory details......

MumOnaMission Wed 06-Apr-05 23:49:00

It's not that I'm uncomfortable talking about willies but more, like you say fran, her talking about it at school. It would be awful if it sparked an investigation. Especially as she's said she wants to make a baby and when I said it had to be a man and lady she said she would make one with daddy! Imagine if she starts adding willies to THAT conversation. A lifecycle book might be a good idea. I've tried to relate it to flowers as she understands how they grow but that didn't work so maybe animals is the way to go. WWB she ALWAYS wants me to elaborate. Oh what the hell, i'm gonna have to tell her it's with his willy aren't I. Next time she asks I'll just tell her. Thanks guys.

SecondhandRose Thu 07-Apr-05 06:50:47

Just say what do you think? Then agree with her. She'll go on the next subject pretty soon.

FairyMum Thu 07-Apr-05 07:04:48

I have got a really good book which explains "the process" in a nice way. It's in swedish, but I remember a thread here on MN where people suggested books for this in english. Can't find the thread now though.....
I would just go for the truth. Simplified and not too detaild of course

WideWebWitch Thu 07-Apr-05 07:25:12

Mummy laid an egg by Babette Cole is v good I think. I do think a simplified version of the truth is fine for 4yos.

KarenThirl Thu 07-Apr-05 15:48:45

Usborne do a lovely lift-the-flap book called How Are Babies Made (part of a series including digestion and senses). Its a bit vague as to how the baby gets in there though, no mention of willies.

ISBN 0 7460 2502 5 if you're interested.

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