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Food Stress: Will this work?

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pushchair Wed 28-Jan-09 18:23:51

I am always having trouble with my children and food- things they won't eat, not eating meals at all, sulking [them] and crying [me] . Have tried just about everything I can think of to improve things-letting them choose food, getting them to help make meals, getting strict and shouting, withholding pudding-bribing,being patient........
So after another uneaten meal, mince mash and dumplings, I have thought I will cut out all snacks except for fruit and water.
Any thoughts? Anyone tried this cold turkey from eating regular snacks and juice?

earlyriser Wed 28-Jan-09 18:45:19

I've not deliberately stopped snacks but am very aware that on the days that they have no snacks they wolf their dinner down, even if it is something i think they aren't that keen on. It's always worth a try. OR just let them have lots of really healthy snacks throughout the day, maybe they'd rather graze than sit down to 3 square meals.

pushchair Wed 28-Jan-09 19:47:55

I find grazing hard to deal with because it means I am constantly up and down fetching things and drinks. Also it is hard to plan and budget around grazing. 3 meals and fixed snack time is easier.
Thanks for replying btw

earlyriser Thu 29-Jan-09 21:21:48

Then i do think you have to try 'cold turkey' with the snacks. definitely only water and fruit like grapes/apples/oranges, nothing too filling. You may have to put up with grumpiness or slightly earlier meal time for a few days but after a trial period you might be better able to judge their appetite. Also for some children one spoonful is all they want/need. I tend not to throw it out and if they complain of hunger later offer it to them again. My dd often finishes off her dinner after her bath, no complaints, no forcing, she is just hungrier by then.
And above all, don't beat yourself up, children are remarkably good at getting the nutrients they need if offered a range of nutritious food. Hope this helps and good luck!

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