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Help - DD (5 1/2) attitude is really getting me down.

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Cezzy Sat 24-Jan-09 15:08:43

DD is 6 in April and in year 1 at school. She has an elder sister who is 7.
Recently she has been quite nasty, making nasty comments that upset her sister (who I admit can be oversensitive) and me and DH and sometimes hitting out physically. She is only like this with us.

She used to be quite funny but gentle. It's as though she is frustrated - she will stand and roar at us and I don't seem to be able to reason with her which I used to. She is quite stubborn and strong willed but I am so tired of her attitude and nothing seems to work - we discipline her but she still does it again. When she has been in a receptive mood I ask is anything or anyone upsetting her and she says no and her teachers see no sign of anything like this at school. She was always quiet and has recently started coming out of herself a bit more. She has never had a close set of friends - she seems to roam from group to group - when playing she likes to play her games or will go off and do something else.
Anyone got any tips for how I can get her to calm down and drop the attitude please as I really don't know what to do next.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 25-Jan-09 07:00:55

Message withdrawn

deanychip Sun 25-Jan-09 07:07:34

mine is the same, he will shout at me if i dont hear what he says, or if i ask him to put on his shoes he shouts at me "I AM".

gets you down doesnt it.

but then he is 5 and i need to teach him that this is not how we talk to people.

Just when i have thought of a plan to tackle this behaviour, he throws something else at me to tackle..tis never ending.

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