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can you do PU/PD during a growth spurt? Feeding to sleep is taking ages.

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kookiegoddess Sat 24-Jan-09 14:27:44

DD is 18 wks. Thought that feeding to sleep wd give extra calories during the day as she's waking lots at night. Now finding that it's taking AGES which drives me nuts - I seem to spend hours sitting in darkened rooms staring at the wall. Last night she took some 2 hours to go down. So, can I do PU/PD from baby whisperer ? Concerned that she might actually be hungry/need the milk she's been getting before naptimes so she may not respond to PUPD.

kitkatqueen Sat 24-Jan-09 23:12:22

Hi Kookie, I know what you mean about sitting in a darkened room for hours staring at a wall.

Question though, do you need to feed her to sleep at bedtime in her room?

Can't you put your feet up and watch telly and then put her to bed when she's done?

I know she is waking through the night and you don't want to be taking her down b4 morning, but could you feed her to sleep in lounge and then put her to bed ( or partner could if she's asleep?)

Then when you go to bed lift her and give her a dream feed? Might give you longer before she wakes you again?

I can't remember what age pupd is reccomended from, I have used it with all my children but not at such an early age. Suspect that you are right that she is having growth spurt and would not respond well to it.

Good luck, I hope you get more sleep tonite!!smile

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 25-Jan-09 06:55:07

Message withdrawn

seeker Sun 25-Jan-09 07:24:52

I think at this age you just have to feed them if they want it - sorry. Can't you read a book or listen to your ipod or something? Oh and I think it's a good idea to get them used to sleeping in not pitch dark and not absolute silence - you may end up having to creep round your own house in the dark in the evening for ages if you do!

saffron71 Sun 25-Jan-09 08:22:56

IS she actually feeding all of that time? DD2 sucked away for ages - until I realised she was comfort sucking not feeding. If you look at there are some good videos that you can link through to - on the Dr Jack Newman website that are useful to work out whether feeding is going on or not.

Thats why we put her onto a dummy as I was not happy to be a human dummy! (Although that has brought its own issues as she wakes when it falls out!).

Do you cluster feed in the early evening & dream feed as that might help get the calories in? I try to feed at 4:30, 6:30 and 10pm - and the last two nights she's only woken once more around 4am.

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