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Going red

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pilipala Mon 04-Apr-05 20:02:49

Some advice please..... every now and again my 10 week old baby has started going bright red and holding her hands up in the air (as if about to embrace someone) it happens mostly whilst she's being carried, she holds her breath for a few seconds, turns tomato red, eyes straining and then lets out a scream. It seems to be happening more recently and being a worrier by nature it's starting to concern me. Can anyone please shed some light on what might be happening? I have a feeling it's a 'startled' reaction but am not sure...... thanks

Jimjams Mon 04-Apr-05 20:04:50

Is she trying to poo?

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 20:10:49

sounds like pooing

is it a 'scream' or more of a 'grunty scream'

there may not be any actual poo - but at the beginning it takes an effort to force it down and out sometimes so it sounds kind of constipated - may well not poo for an hour or so after the noise IME

pilipala Mon 04-Apr-05 20:15:04

I thought that too but bit it's not just when she's trying for a poo (I don't think so anyway) and she's already 'been' once today so I don't think it could be that. It generally happens when being carried in a particular position and arms stretch out as if insecure..... I think I have a sensitive soul on my hands....

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 20:16:16

there's a startle reflex when they feel like they're falling, but they generally are falling backwards at that time

does your baby only do one poo a day then that's lucky

Wallace Mon 04-Apr-05 20:24:50

I vaguely remember that they also do it when weeing? perhaps...

pilipala Mon 04-Apr-05 20:28:11

Once a day and a really big one! On Sunday she she pushed so hard it went flying off the changing table and landed on my wardrobe, went in the side of the wardrobe and on my underwear , it travelled at least a foot - the girl's got a talent there!

I think it's the startle reflex too just frightened me a bit when it happened more than four times in 24 hours, tho got to say she's been fine other than that.

Jimjams Mon 04-Apr-05 21:12:30

ds3 does it several times a day (he's 12 weeks) but only p[roduces a poo once a day or once every other day. He does a good shade of purple. Sure my other 2 did it as well (although they had more breast than ds3 so they produced a lot each time!)

pilipala Mon 04-Apr-05 21:41:03

Oh that's so good to hear! being a first time mum can be so isolating & scary - used to be a bit paranoid about my own health - having a child has taken it to a whole new dimension!
thank you

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