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Just had first meeting with Child Psychologist

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kid Mon 04-Apr-05 17:42:09

I thought DS was going to make me out to be a liar but he didn't. Right on cue, he slapped his poor unsuspecting sister round the face. The CP didn't seem too shocked!

She thinks he doesn't like being the baby of the family, but doesn't have the answer on how to deal with it. She is going to see us for 5 more sessions and feels she found out alot about DS today.

As we were leaving, he refused to put on his coat, despite the fact the it had been raining. I managed to control the situation (thankfully) and DS agreed to wear his coat until we got to the car. I was pleased with the meeting but wish I had come away knowing what I should be doing to adjust DS's temper.

She did say she doesn't think he has any behaviour issues just that he gets very angry. Sort of good news I guess!

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