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developmental checks for 2 year olds

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verona Fri 28-Mar-03 14:32:49

MY DS is due his 2 year checks on Monday & was just wondering what this might entail. I know they differ between health authority but I'm just curious.

Lindy Fri 28-Mar-03 15:52:56

My DS had his a couple of weeks ago, apart from weighing & measuring the health check didn't seem to consist of anything else - I had filled in the comments in the 'red book' - do you have one of those? Questions about language, hearing, walking, etc etc - but nothing was 'tested' so I could have lied if I really wanted to ....... not that I did! Couldn't quite see the point of it really, but I suppose they like to 'keep an eye' on you and your child. It can't have lasted more than 10 minutes.

Jimjams Fri 28-Mar-03 16:15:17

We had two 2 year checks which he "passed" (although he's since been diagnosed as autiscitc ). The HV knew I had concerns and she "passed" him as he had already been referred to SALT. We had 2 because the first one was a no-no and she knew I had concerns. So as Lindy said- just to make sure that you're reasonably happy. I did hear of people being given the most bizarre "tests" but we didn't have any of that.

LIZS Fri 28-Mar-03 18:57:17

From memory of ds'2 yr check I think he was asked to build a tower of bricks, attempt a simple puzzle, point to parts of the body and I was asked what he could say and do. Maybe identify things of certain colours but am not sure on that.

Frankly I think they are less a determination of ability than whether you are having a cooperative day, although I suppose the HV should be able to assess the most obvious problems from her observations.

Crunchie Mon 31-Mar-03 09:25:59

My 2 yr old had her check last week. The HV just asked us about development, what she culd and couldn't do. She discussed speech, number of words, understanding, and sentances. Pysical ability, climbing stairs, walking, jumping, picking up small objects, puzzles etc. My dd just sat on my lap, totally un-cooperative, since she had just got up from her nap. She was always weighed and measured.

NQWWW Mon 31-Mar-03 10:59:14

I got a letter asking me to come to the surgery for a 2 year check and detailing the things they were going to check. I phoned up and said I had no concerns, and they said that it wasn't really worth me taking him along in that case.

sykes Mon 31-Mar-03 11:30:51

Does anyone know about 3.5 yr check? My daughter is due hers. Hope I haven't hijacked - thought it was related.

Crunchie Mon 31-Mar-03 14:18:46

My older one had this recently too. In our surgery one of teh GP's does it, so we get the pre-school boosters and the check at teh ame time. The GP checked how she held a pencil - by asking her to draw, she 'read' a book, and generally chatted. SHe also checked heart etc

verona Mon 31-Mar-03 14:31:42

DS seen by HV today. She showed him pictures of eg brush, teddy and he couldn't tell her what they were - he's never said those words. Was able to feed the doll, find her eyes etc. HV slightly concerned about his slow speech. He's only got a vocab of about 30-40 words and is only just beginning to use 2 words together.

She's going to refer him to SALT in 3 months. More stress...And she's advised me to stop letting him have a dummy but I guess that's a different thread altogether.

No block-building and that was the only thing we'd practised!

Jimjams Mon 31-Mar-03 14:54:34

Don't worry too much verona (easier said than done I know). the fact that he is developing speech normally (ie putting 2 words together) albeit slowly probably just means he'll be a bit slow to talk.

Just one thing though- is she going to refer him in 3 months- or refer him now for an appointment in 3 months? It's just that SALT is so dire across the whole country that if she refers him in 3 months you may end up waiting for a year! We were put on a three month review and waited 8 months for that. I had bizarre conversations with the CDC where I'd ring up and say "my son is meant to be being reveiewed in August" and they'd reply "um August children won't be seen until January at the earliest" (we were seen in March eventually).

If you are worried (or become worried if you're waiting a long time) I can let you know how to track down a private SALT - there happy just to do one off asessments and send you home with games etc.

verona Mon 31-Mar-03 15:19:42

The Hv is planning to see DS again in 3 months before she refers him. I think she's fairly confident that he'll be speking more by then.
It did occur to me that we'd be waiting a long while to see a SALT if he did need one.
Thanks for your offer of info re private SALT. Things are difficult financially for us at the moment so I don't think that's an option but I may take you up on it.

Jimjams Mon 31-Mar-03 15:28:30

Sounds fair enough verona- FWIW as he's started putting two words together it does sound like he will be speaking then. If after a month or so you feel like he isn't coming on then you could ask your HV to refer him "just in case" and can always cancel if you don't need the appointment.

Providing he's pointing at things, showing you stuff (you know bringing it to you) then I'm sure you have no need to worry (easy for me to say I know!)

And yes- prvate SALT is ludicrously expensive- to be used as a last resort I think! Some health authorities have "drop-in" SALT clinics where you can go with concerns and get some pointers.

KeepingMum Mon 31-Mar-03 16:12:34

I was expecting to be called for the 2 year check but then got a letter from the surgery saying that they don't do them anymore but could I fill in this questionnaire instead. It was basically an extended list of the things mentioned in the 'red book' where you answered you were happy with your childs development, you weren't or weren't sure. I should have said not sure for all them, as 'I' am happy with his development but a HV might not be. I've got nothing to compare him against as he is my first and I don't necessarily know what he should or shouldn't be doing/how he is growing/eating/playing. Verona, my ds probably the same vocab as yours and is only just putting two words together. According to my 'questionnaire' this is OK, and I'm certainly not worried about his speech as he learns more everyday and obviously understands most of what I say. I wouldn't worry about it, of all the children I know born at the same time as ds, all the girls are streets ahead with speech compared to the boys, but ds can build a huge tower of bricks, I'm sure they all catch up in the end

sobernow Mon 31-Mar-03 18:15:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jimjams Mon 31-Mar-03 18:21:42

TBH sobernow I think you would know if there was a problem.....If you're happy I wouldn't bother going....

sobernow Mon 31-Mar-03 21:18:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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