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Can I just say how great my Health Visitor is!!!!!

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muppetgirl Tue 20-Jan-09 13:47:21

Ds 2 has always taken a while to achieve milestone. He took ages to hold his head, was 10 months before he could sit up unaided without cushions. He's 14 months and only just started to bum shuffle and even that's not really developing.

I am fine with this as he's a happy, healthy and interested little boy that has taken a while to do anything.

People comment on his not walking and almost guffaw when I say he's not even crawling which was worrying me when I wasn't worried iyswim

I chatted to my hv who said that some don;t crawl, some don;t walk till 2 years and that she's not worried. I'm to check in with her in 2 months to see how he's going but not to worry as he's pyhsically fine.

She put my mind at rest and I know HV's get a pretty hard time but she seems very sensible to me!

TheTwaMacDugs Tue 20-Jan-09 19:43:04

What a lovely HV you have!
Wish mine had been half as supportive.

horseymum Tue 20-Jan-09 20:02:45

just to reassure you my ds only bum shuffled and finally walked at 22 months. it can be a long wait but if they have said there don't seem to be any problems just enjoy the fact you can put them down and they will still be in the same place! You will get a sore back carrying a big baby though! think of all the money you will save on his shoes. My ds is now no different from his peers in phusical development.

muppetgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 16:04:57

thanks for that horseymum, he is a heavy chap and I am 15 weeks prgt with no 3 so I wouldn't mind him walking! He's already in shoes as the baby bootees don't fit him and he keeps pulling his socks off!

ilikeyoursleeves Wed 21-Jan-09 16:15:59

Hi Muppet, do you have the same HV as me? My DS is 15 months and although he has been crawling for a few months, he is barely interested in standing let alone walking! All his peers are walking and some walking unaided but he still doesn't like to stand and hasn't attempted to walk. He can stand when he wants to (I put my laptop on the sofa and he stands for ages tapping the keys) so I know he can do it if he really wants to. So many people keep asking if he's walking and look all concerned when I say he's not. I discussed it with my HV a while back and she said not to worry but she'd run it by the physio and the feedback today was that it's absolutely nothing to be concerned about at his age, totally within normal limits.

But I'm sad now too cos HV told me today she's leaving! I just hope the next one is as good, it does make a huge difference.

Your wee (big) boy sounds like he's doing just fine

cory Wed 21-Jan-09 16:57:29

I too had a lovely Health Visitor.

Yes, she went against my maternal instincts in flagging up problems with my dd. But you know what- she was right! Dd is now disabled, we did end up in hospital because there were problems with the feeding. She was absolutely right to be concerned and I wish I'd listened earlier.

But she was also supportive and non-judgmental.

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