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DD (14 months) very poorly - what can I do to help her feel better?

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designerbaby Sat 17-Jan-09 17:57:53

Apart from medicating as appropriate, which I'm obviously already doing.

Poor little mite has a stinking cold with nasty cough, infected eyes (weepy gungey yukky) ear infection, and, to top it all off, is cutting two bottom front teeth and first set of bottom molars at the same time.

She's got eye drops for the eyes, amoxycillin (sp?) for the ear and eyes, calpol (and calpol night at night) for everything else, and is obviously having lots of cuddles.

Just wondering if there is anything else I could do (non medicinally) to make her feel a bit better?

She's (understandably) really miserable, poor lamb.



LesbianMummy1 Sat 17-Jan-09 19:05:28

can you try bowl of water on radiator? for croup which is similar cough they reccommend steam

girrafey Sat 17-Jan-09 19:16:37

Hi. i have a ds who has been ill for the last 8 weeks or so with the same thing! Has only got better this week, so i know what you are going through.
My ds liked games that involved cuddles, and gentle body touching. E.g hairdressers or doctors with creams etc. (i have a 3 year old dd so they get played alot) the gentle motions seemed to soothe him. Also helps when you have to medicate them... one for baby... one for you etc.

He also liked going for a walk outside, so on the non raining, damp days take her out. fresh air does blow away the cobwebs and helped him to sleep. I obviously couldnt take him to play things but we reguarly went to see family as the change of face and toys etc helped keep him going.

I admit my circumstances were different as i had dd2 6 weeks ago so life was chaotic. (ps she looks very similer to your dd)
but i find painting and glueing etc not a good idea when smaller toddlers are ill. its stressfull enough when they are well.

I also let him sleep as much as he needed. he was having 13-14 hours at night. 1.5 in the morning and 2-3 in the afternoon. i found part from eating there wasnt much awake time left some days!!

hope your dd feels better soon.

designerbaby Sat 17-Jan-09 19:34:23

Thanks for your ideas!

Lesbian Mummy, thanks! I'd forgotten about the water on radiator trick - I'd looked into plug in thingummies, but they all seemed to have lavender stuff in (or other perfumy nonsense) - which she's allergic to (and so am I..).

Bless her, she's trying to sleep, but the dratted cough keeps waking her up...

Amyjo - have to say am somewhat in awe of your managing three under fours, with a poorly DS and a newborn. shock. Do you have any other supermummy tips? I struggle to cope with the one I have!

DH took her out for a walk this pm (am poorly with similar stuff too, so i stayed in and drank lemsip...) but instead of being all interested in stuff as she normally is, she just sat very quiet cuddling her monkey. sad Still, like you say the fresh air probably did her some good.

Just looked at my profile pics for the first time in AGES. Blimey my DD was a little fatty... she's amazingly quite slimline these days - but at 9lbs 8oz she looked like a mini sumo-wrestler when she came out grin.

Congrats on your three - they ALL look beautiful...


girrafey Sat 17-Jan-09 19:46:54

oh thank you! i think so.
my super mummy tips... umm baileys!!!! lol i got hooked over xmas!

ohh another tip, warm baths. ( with no hair wash!!!) the warm water really settled him. i guessed he had that achy fluey feeling as he slept better the nights after a bath. wrap in a warm towel and then crank the shower on full blast with the door shut and dress in warmed pjs in the bathroom. they get warmed through and the steam helps just before going to bed. (dont do this in a thick jumper as the whole dressing a 14 month old and steam are not a good combination when in a thick jumper, believe me you end up looking like a lobster!

ohh also ( sorry i am on a role now!) when the pus drys on her eyes when she goes to sleep creep in after 20 mins or so and gently pull it off. i found if i done that the bit that oozes out as he slept was gone so when he woke in the night etc he could open his eyes and didnt panic so much. Plus its much nicer doing that in the night to a quiet calm sleeping baby then one who had woken up coughing and then panicked more as he couldnt open his eyes.


LolaLadybird Sat 17-Jan-09 23:53:53

I've always used a Karvol plug-in vapouriser when DC's have a cold and I find it really helps keep their airways clear overnight and so helps them sleep - however, not sure whether it has lavender in it or not. Also, raising the head of the cot - we put a couple of paperbacks under the legs of DS' when he has a cold.

I think going out in the pushchair for walks is a good move. When DS is poorly he seems to struggle to nap properly (normally a v good napper) but the pushchair is a good way to get him off to sleep.

Hope DD is feeling better soon ...

designerbaby Mon 19-Jan-09 11:40:55

Thanks for all your top tips...

She's now on a broad spectrum anti-biotic to try and sort out the eyes and the cough. I hate antibiotics generally, but she was just going from bad to worse, so I guess it's the lesser of two evils...

We actually bought a humidifier - after realising that the radiator in her room was both behind a sofa and behind thermal-lined curtains, and that therefore a jug of water on it would probably only achieve mouldy soft-furnishings grin. Bloody marvelous thing, and the cough which had plagued her all day seemed to miraculously disappear overnight (until the water ran out at 3.30, whereupon the cough started up, until we refilled...). Best £40 we ever spent, I reckon.

Have also been slathering her in Vicks - she enjoyed it if nothing else!

Poor little mite is very poorly still though, and I dearly, dearly wish i could make it all go away... sad

I've also been giving her some Calpol Night/Medised. I've just read on here though that it's no longer recommended for under 2s? When did that happen?? It does seem to help with the snotty nose no end - and I'm not giving it as well as anything else with Paracetamol,being careful with the dose etc. So do you think it's OK?

Why the change in guidelines suddenly?


LolaLadybird Mon 19-Jan-09 19:18:03

I'm not sure why the change in guidelines although I do remember it being on the news about a year or more ago - I think there were several medicines that contained mild sedatives that were withdrawn for under 2's, presumably because of the concern that parents may drug their children just to get them to sleep??

That said, I used Medised with DD (now 3.5) when she was small and now use with DS who is 13 mths - I have friends who do the same. I only use it when he needs it - ie. poorly/as a decongestant so feel my conscience is clear.

What is funny though is that on the front of the Medised box is a picture of a plane - now is that not a veiled suggestion that you might want to drug your child in-flight?! wink

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