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potty training going wrong! Help!

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calpopscalum Sat 02-Apr-05 16:40:13

Hi I'm new on here and hope you can help me! My ds is 3 now and showed no interest in potty training or using the toilet until about a month ago. Then one morning he announced he wanted to wear big boy pants and did a wee on the potty! He was fantastic for about 3 -4 days , the odd accident but doing wees and poohs on the potty and all excited about getting stickers. he was able to tell me he needed to go and was so proud of himself. he gopes to a wee pre school nursery for 2 hours twice a week and loves it. One afternoon I took him to his pre school with him proudly carrying his new travel potty only to be told that they weren't allowed to let him use it and he would have to go on their little toilets! He was scared of the loos as he thought he would fall down them but refused to put a nappy or napp-y pants on as he had his balamory big boy pants on!! Anyway he had an accident at pre school and also managed to use the little loo. When I picked him up he seemed quite pleased that he had used the toilet but when at home he started stammering (he has always been an excellent talker). The stammering grew worse and worse ove rhte next few days and he was getting really upset about it as he couldn't get his words out at all and it was so upsetting. he also kept saying he didn't want to use the little toilet again and asked to wear nappies/nappy pants. For 2 weeks (over hte easter hols and he hasn't been back to pre school since due to the hols) he hasn't wanted to use the potty AT ALL and has got upset about it. As soon as the stammering started I toook all pressure off him and he used the potty only if he wanted to. Yesterday he asked to use the potty and to wear pants again so I let him but he had 4 accidents as he didn't want to use the potty so he's back in nappy pants as neither of us could cope with pooh all ove the floor!

I am going to address the pre school issue next week as my view is that if they accept kids in nappies then they have to accept that potty training is a very natural next step and that they cannot force a 3 year old to use a toilet especially when it affects them in such an extreme way.

What I need help on is what to do re the potty? Should I leave it up to him to tell me when he is ready again or should I try some gentle encouragement? I have mentioned the sticker chart in passing a couple of times and he does like them. Nightmare!!!!

Grateful for any help.

BTW I ahve a 22 month old who os obsessed with sitting on the big toilet!!!


Pinotmum Sat 02-Apr-05 17:20:33

My ds was trained over Christmas and was fine for starting playschool. Like your ds he goes twice a week for 2&1/2hours. They have adult loos also with a step up and as he was only 2y2mo it was too much for him. I put him back in pull ups as he first regressed with the wees and then the poos which I couldn't deal with. I don't know why he regressed but the big loo was just too much so he would have wet himself everytime he went to play group iyswim. I am training him again now and today has been a wet day shall we say. My ds's playgroup let him go in pull ups but would have called me had he pooed to come and change him. Another mum used to stay with a potty for her ds to use but I don't want to do that really. I think if you ds is getting upset then put him back in pull ups and tell the pre-school that you've had a set back. I am sure they will agree this is fine.

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