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What can I put in a snack box for DD (17 months)?

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CharCharGabor Wed 14-Jan-09 23:12:21

Following another thread I posted, I've decided to make DD a snack box that she can pick at through the day. I'm still going to offer meals but also let her have access to other foods as she prefers to graze. Am a bit stumped as to what to put in it though. Ideally I'd like it to have a bit of all the food groups in and would like it to not be too messy. I don't mind crumbs but don't want sloppy stuff spread everywhere. Any ideas? TIA smile

CharCharGabor Wed 14-Jan-09 23:25:16


Aitch Wed 14-Jan-09 23:31:17

uuum, babybels, clementine segments, edamame pods (honeslty, they're ahuge favourite here), oatcakes... gosh, i dunno. apples and grapes (cut up, obv) so long as she won't be squicked by the apple going brown.

ClementFreudsGreatestAdmirer Wed 14-Jan-09 23:36:14

mini marmite sandwiches, melon chunks, bits of pineapple, raisins, small breadsticks, mini ricecakes (or broken up big ones), sugarless cereals

CharCharGabor Wed 14-Jan-09 23:46:29

Thanks, some good ideas there. I'll pick some extra things up tomorrow then for her to have a pick at. smile

alibubbles Thu 15-Jan-09 10:57:00

Cold pasta, small cubes of cold meat, dried apricots, prunes etc, cubes of cheese, cherry toms halved, cold omelette, tortilla, baby potatoes, carrots, any cold cooked veg, cold eggy bread, sliced peppers - lovely colours! These are all things I do for my minded toddlers, plus all the other stuff mentionned.

Lotster Thu 15-Jan-09 11:41:43

All/any of the above, but wanted to add my new trick of cooking a chicken breast and keeping cold slices in the fridge.

Great when you need to rustle up a fast snack. And when they start rejecting the sloppier food.

Lotster Thu 15-Jan-09 11:42:28

Oh and my son always loves a pot of sweetcorn!

CharCharGabor Thu 15-Jan-09 14:29:42

Just seen this, thankyou. I've tried it out today with some of the things mentioned and it has been a big hit smile Plus she's been eating her meals too so it doesn't seem to be making much difference.

dashboardconfessionals Thu 15-Jan-09 15:03:40

Message withdrawn

Hersetta Thu 15-Jan-09 15:28:46

My DD is 16 months and she had two snacks pots. The first contains savouries like bread sticks, cheese straws, raisins and her current fav of either plain tuc biscuits or tuc cheese sandwiches and a second box full of fridgeable items such as chopped pear, grapes, cheese cubes, nectarines and her ulimate favourite olives !! Strange girl.

ClementFreudsGreatestAdmirer Thu 15-Jan-09 21:46:54

frozen peas! still frozen i mean.

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