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upset with working mummy?

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Balakin Wed 14-Jan-09 16:53:32

12 month old seems a little upset with me sometimes when I get in from work. Is this normal / what should I do? I know he is definitely happy during the day.

lilolilmanchester Wed 14-Jan-09 17:54:05

both my DCs went through a phase like this at a similar age - tho they'd been ok before that. I think it's because it's only when you are back that they realise you've been away IYSWIM - but at least you are therer to comfort him at that point. Hopefully it is just a phase, mine got through it pretty quickly and if you're sure he's happy during the day, that's the main thing.

Balakin Thu 15-Jan-09 03:49:54

thanks have heard from others this might be the case, is reassuring - but hard at the end of the day when you've rushed home and greeted more by sobbing than joy!

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Thu 15-Jan-09 09:39:21

It may be just tiredness? Our DS goes to nursery on the days I work, and he gets very tired there as he naps less than at home; so when I collect him and after we get home he is often a bit grouchy. Also like lilo says he often has a bit of a cry when he first sees me when I come to collect him; but it doesn't seem to be a "serious" cry, the vibes I get from it are a mixture of realising he hasn't seen me for a while, and a bit of "putting on a show" to make sure he gets my attention as soon as I am there! It stops very quickly and is similar to the cry he sometimes does when I drop him off too, a bit half-hearted and not like when he is seriously upset. It seems to work best if I don't make too much fuss, give him a cuddle but stay positive.

woodstock3 Thu 15-Jan-09 14:06:42

i sometimes get grumpy/fussy response when i get home from work - a bit like a cat giving you the cold shoulder when you get back from holiday - thik it's pretty normal, agree that it's hard to separate from tiredness as this is the whiny part of the day anyway. but i think its just marking the changeover/asking for your attention, it disappears in five minutes. plus i think in the same way kids throw tantrums for their parents but are angelic for gps, they are oftene a bit better behaved with carers than parents, and when you arrive home it's a sort of release.

Balakin Sun 18-Jan-09 08:11:28

Thanks! It's such a rollercoaster trying to manage the working / parenting both logistically and emotionally ... really appreciate the messages and seems just another one of those things!

MrsJamin Sun 18-Jan-09 08:14:24

It's a positive thing, shows that you have a secure attachment with your DS, he will get used to the new situation.

BouncingTurtle Sun 18-Jan-09 08:15:24

yes, my ds (12.5mo) does this as well when I pick him up from nursery. It's generally accompanied by frantic gestures for me to to come and get him, he's just realising that I've been gone and that he missed me!

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