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Baby Einstein DVDs

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chatname Wed 14-Jan-09 15:04:54

Do you think they are any good? Or do you hate them? And if so, why either way?

I thought about getting some, but my little boy is now 7 and a half months, so I am wondering whether it would still be worthwhile...

Mungarra Wed 14-Jan-09 15:09:38

It's ridiculous to think that these DVDs make a child clever. It's just marketing. Ordinary toys are just fine.

My friend's baby used to be calmed by these videos, but really any children's television would do the same.

wasabipeanut Wed 14-Jan-09 15:10:13

You'd do him as big a favour by sitting and reading to him or helping him build/knock down towers etc.

From what I can gather Baby Einstein CD's really don't imbue any great developmental advantages. Indeed, I believe there is some opinion that actually it's the opposite because busy parents can be inclined to use them as babysitters.

lingle Wed 14-Jan-09 16:58:27

I would avoid them.

mejon Wed 14-Jan-09 17:11:58

A big disappointment. The visuals held DD's attention for a while but the music is highly annoying : I had expected 'proper' versions of Bach/Mozart/whatever but they are all 'plinky-plonk' simplified interpretations. Get some classical CDs instead!

Macdog Wed 14-Jan-09 17:15:10

I liked them for my dd, she loved the pictures, puppets and music.
In fact she asked for one to be put on today (and she's nearly 3)
I don't leave her alone with them though. We chat about what she's seeing and what the characters are doing

Have a look in charity shops, or your local library, that way you're not outlaying a lot of money on something you're not sure about.

Our local LLoyds chemist has them on BOGOF at the moment

The ones we have are Baby Beethoven, Baby Mozart and Baby Neptune

Laugs Wed 14-Jan-09 17:17:22

DD quite liked them before she was interested in any other telly. Then again, creating an interest in TV at such a young age is not neccesarily a good thing.

I have to admit I did put them on every now and then when I wanted to sit and have a cup of tea for 20 mins (so used it as a babysitter...)

They're expensive though - just get them out of the library.

Bubbaluv Wed 14-Jan-09 17:20:22

I introduced them v early (3 or 4 months I think) and found that they calmed DS more than children's TV as he seemed to find the familiarity soothing. Certainly didn't imagine they made him smarter, but they made him chill out while I made lunch or went to the loo etc.
Not sure they would hold much interest for a 7mo though?

EBenes Wed 14-Jan-09 19:34:05

Total rip off! Can't believe they are all squillionaires by filming boring nasty toys to really bad versions of Mozart etc!

Maveta Wed 14-Jan-09 19:45:14

ds really likes his, have to admit that i think like most people I use them as a babysittter for short bursts (when cooking tea etc) and don´t think there´s anything wrong with that. (what else do you let kids watch tv for fgs, does anyone actually think it´s expanding their mind??) It´s not like he watches hours back to back.

He liked Baby Mozart when he was little (9 months on?) but would watch maybe 10mins MAX, still, it was the only thing he watched so those 10mins were precious!

Now he is 20mths and it´s hard to tear him away from Baby MacDonald because there are TRACTORS!. and TRACTORS! and - oh my giddy aunt - TRAAAAAACTORS! smile

I couldn´t believe they were making money from these dvds the first time i watched baby mozart but it stunned him into silence and I was surprised to find that his cousins all love it too (2, 3 & 5). Mind boggling but they do like it.

noonki Wed 14-Jan-09 19:50:31

I think they are as 'educational' as any other tv aimed at small children.

lilithxx Thu 15-Jan-09 11:02:21

I think that its basically an excuse to stick an older baby in front of the telly and not feel to bad about it. Maybe handy while you do the washing up?

Dropdeadfred Thu 15-Jan-09 11:06:37

we had the whole box setof these and dd loved them!!! she is now 3.7 and if she hears a piece of music that featured in them she remebers...have to admit we often used this as a 'easy' 20 mins to either eat or shower....dd3 is amazingly clever grin but i will never be able to tell what she would have been like without her daily dose!!!

dashboardconfessionals Thu 15-Jan-09 15:18:23

Message withdrawn

piscesmoon Thu 15-Jan-09 15:34:02

Steer well clear-someone is making a lot of money out of them! Pick suitable programmes on TV it will be just as good.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Thu 15-Jan-09 15:40:07

Both mine have loved them, again mostly watched them together.

Far less over the top visually than just putting the box on, and nice soothing music.

You can often pick them up very cheaply on Amazon, Sil got the full set of 30 for £29.99!

WhereTheWildThingsWere Thu 15-Jan-09 15:40:10

Both mine have loved them, again mostly watched them together.

Far less over the top visually than just putting the box on, and nice soothing music.

You can often pick them up very cheaply on Amazon, Sil got the full set of 30 for £29.99!

extremelychocolateymilkroll Thu 15-Jan-09 17:43:46

I read somewhere that Miriam Stoppard was asked to endorse the Einstein DVDs and refused to because she thought they were making claims which could not be substantiated.

The language therapist at the baby group I went to was really only in favour of books and old fashioned toys without music which she said did nothing much to stimulate creativity and imagination.

lingle Thu 15-Jan-09 18:31:33

Do not buy them if you have any friends who have a love of classical music. The arrangements are pretty painful to the ear.

The tinylove mobile with the three animals that swing round is better if you want to play simplified classical music to your baby.

bitofadramaqueen Thu 15-Jan-09 18:53:32

The baby einstein dvd that we have is perfect for my DS (6 1/2 months) late afternoon when he starts to get very cranky. He's completely entranced for 10-20 minutes and I can get organised for tea.

ilovelovemydog Thu 15-Jan-09 18:58:31

Think they are brilliant -- DD has learned loads of words and imitates dancing, jumping, skipping (sort of hmm)

She also loves the music on them, but agree with lingle that it isn't the Brandenberg Concertos I remember! smile

emilyandjohn Thu 15-Jan-09 21:00:05

many babies do like them although they are controversial. I bought one of the animal ones and found that it was invaluable for getting us through long car journeys. DS1 wouldn't watch it by himself though, and as the dvds were no use as a babysitter, I found that it was easier just to read with him or play with him rather than try to stop him slobbering over the TV.

DS2 (8 months) likes lazytown and kerwhizz. All part of being a second child I suppose!

UnrealisticExpectations Fri 16-Jan-09 09:06:19

We had a few. I don't know whether they're educational, but my little girl (now 4) was a really demanding, cryey baby - she just loved to be out meeting people and seeing things from the minute she was born - and was horrendous in the house. I credit 'Baby Mozart' with her survival past 12 weeks! It was the ONLY thing that gave me any peace. I would sit her in her bouncing chair (a Baby Bjorn Babysitter which was the best money we've ever spent as they just CAN'T fall out/climb out) in front of Baby Mozart and I could go get a shower or do some urgent jobs. It was just amazing. Like some sort of miracle cure for her crying - totally mesmerised. She had her favourite bits that she'd go mad for. There's a kind of vortex with beads on the Baby Mozart one and she would bounce and flap her arms with excitement when that came on. I'm sure they can't do them any harm. The music is a bit 'stylophoney' but I think it's maybe listening to the ups and downs and tunes that engages their brains rather than its being a fantastic rendition. My little girl certainly still LOVES music and remembers tunes incredibly well, but I suppose all kids do anyway.

I've never really bothered with them for my boy who was the calmest baby known to man. He's now become a fractious toddler with a mania for tractors, so Baby MacDonald sounds like a good investment for us now - thanks Maveta!

Baby Mozart was good - the more she watched the same one the more she liked it. I think we had Baby Beethoven as well, but I can't remember playing it much. Personally, I don't think you'd need more than a couple.

Gotta say, being so impressed with Baby Mozart, I bought 'Baby Shakespeare, World of Poetry' thinking the rhythm and rhyme would be really lyrical and soothing in a kind of Richard-Burton-reading-Under-Milk-Wood-for-Babies stylee, but I was really disappointed and thought it was very, very poor.

Penthesileia Fri 16-Jan-09 09:11:50

Don't bother.

EBenes Fri 16-Jan-09 14:07:09

Oh yes, I would rather hear them in the background than both Lazytown and Kerwhizz. Alas, that option is not open to me, mine is now way too old for Einstein and hopelessly caught up in Kerwhizz. That boy with the ponytail ticks me off.

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