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he thinks he's a toddler

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jaspersslave Fri 01-Apr-05 09:50:06

my dear son thinks he is a toddler even though he is only 6 months old, is this normal? he is constantly up to michieve in his walker and if you tell him no he looks at you with that cheeky 'i dont care what you say' face. he has major tempur tantrums if he cant have what he wants and thinks he can walk even though he can only take a few steps. he is very independant and wants to do everything he even undo's his nappy for me. this cant be right he is only 6 months, i thought i would still be having an easy life. if this is what he is like now what will he be like when he is a toddler. does any one have the same problem and is it normal?????

lunavix Fri 01-Apr-05 09:54:45

Mine goes to playgroup and watches the big kids running around and leans forwards and tries to scramble off my lap so he can run off with them... even though he can't! He's a bit better since he started crawling though (he's nearly 12 months now)

He refuses to sit in the baby corner with the other babies. We went to a soft play area tuesday he LEFT the baby bit and went into the big kids bit!

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Apr-05 09:56:19

I think if they are like this early you tend not to get the toddler stuff so bad because they've doen the fighting against their limitations thging early..

dinosaur Fri 01-Apr-05 10:22:41

I agree, GoN - my DS2 is the opposite - didn't really do the toddler tantrum stuff at the age of two - now at three and three-quarters he's gone into tantrum overdrive! Gah!

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