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My 24 weeks old baby seems really unhappy. help

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miaprincessesmummy Tue 13-Jan-09 19:07:32

The last two days my little angel has become very unsettled it seems like she is bored and I have tried every game and toy I know but it makes no difference she just seems to get angry and upset all the time, it is now making me wonder if it is me that is making her so unhappy. My friend say's babies do get to an age where they know what they want to do but can't move to do it yet and this is whats wrong does anyone know if this is true or if they have an idea what may be wrong.

Jayvid1 Tue 13-Jan-09 20:54:35

she may be unwell, or even starting to get a tooth through! My daughter got very irritable before she came out with anything, is she any different if you are somewhere else than home and she is stimulated in different ways?Of course its not you making her unhappy, your friend is probably right and its a bit of frustration. My daughter is very very active and even at that age she needed to have a lot going on in her day, we could never sit in and play all day as she would get bored rigid, hope she has improved and your feeling happier j

miaprincessesmummy Wed 14-Jan-09 09:24:50

She is much better when I take her out so I think it is bordom. Think I will need to try and find things to do with her during the week.

Balakin Wed 14-Jan-09 16:36:35

Hi - agree with comments, could be frustration, but also consider it could be the opposite, ie overstimulation? Or quite likely tiredness. How much sleep is she getting, esp during the day? At this age, will need really good nap morning and afternoon, and the morning one could be earlier than you think. Just something to consider.

miaprincessesmummy Wed 14-Jan-09 19:17:32

She sleeps well she has 3 1 hour naps in the day and sleeps all night so its not tiredness.

kaballie Thu 15-Jan-09 21:25:38

Hiya MPM,

My little girl was just like this at 5 months. everyone told me it was the sign of very clever little girl who was getting frustrated. It used to drive me mad and I used to feel like a terrible mum. I also used to get very down about it as I felt like a real failure. Everyone else seemed to have it just right. My litle one is now lots of fun - she never crawled, went straight to walking (part of the frustration I think) and is more like a little buddy than a baby that needs looking after. Your emails brought back so many emotions for me so I felt I really had to respond and let you know that it can and does get SO much better.

The first year can be so hard and lonely (I read your other thread too) but there is life on the other side. As Mia gets older and interacts more there will be lots more opportunity to meet other mums. I cant stand going to new mum's groups but I forced myself to for her (and me) and have recently made quite a few new friends as my little girl is 20months now - we usually bond over laughing at them being daft! I'm sure the same will happen for you over time.

FrannyandZooey Thu 15-Jan-09 21:29:02

try a treasure basket - really entertaining for babies of this age
sorry am pushed for time but search on mn for treasure basket and you should find lots of info

smellen Thu 15-Jan-09 21:34:18

"I wonder if it is me that is making her so unhappy"

Please don't think that. To your baby you are the source of all comfort and security. When they are little, their mums (or other primary caregiver) are the centre of their world.

As other posters have said, there can be lots of things that might upset your LO. I found it helpful to have a checklist in my head: hungry? thirsty? too warm? too cold? tired/overstimulated? bored? soiled nappy? etc.)

FWIW I don't think a 5mth old baby is going to be "bored" (assuming she is not left in her cot all day!) - if you take her from room to room with you, have interesting things to touch and look at, take her out in a sling or her buggy/pram for a change of scenery, put some nice music on, sing to her, talk to her, do action rhymes, etc. There is only so much a little baby can take on too, so don't feel you have to be singing & dancing all day long. Babies and toddlers need time to relax and rest, stretch out and experiment with the noises and movements they can make - psychologists think they consolidate their learning during these quiet times.

But please, please, please, don;t think you are to "blame" - if you feel negative about your mothering skills, take heart that all new mums find it terrifying and worrying at times, and we all have moments where we agonise over simple decisions and worry about doing the wrong thing. But as the months pass you will gain confidence in your new role, and your little girl will increasingly be able to communicate her needs and wishes to you - and life will be a bit easier.

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