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unsure mom!!!

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haven Thu 31-Mar-05 23:39:51

today the speech therpist came, she said that my ds probably won't be able to catch up before he is two and maybe 2.5..... i didn't let on then but it really hit my gut....

i mention things that stick out about him, but others always say that "it's normal", or my child did that, etc.....but i really don't know if i am being over paranoid, or if there is something that should be pushed...

here are a few thing...and my excuses ...

head banger..(mainly when tire for comfort)..he has done this for ever..but lately he started doing this in his car seat...or grocery cart..(still mainly when tire though)

he started biting himself (when he he is tired)

if he gets mad or immpatient he started flapping his arms just recently..

he will flick ( i guess that is what he is doing)his fingers in the corner of his eyes, and poke his eyes......(he has allergies, but his eyes aren't red from them, but he does have really long lashes)

rocks, oh rocks, can't walk by them, we have to put them in pockets, almost obsesive....not that bad, he doesn't like starting hooping and holloring...he just has to get a few..(hell he likes rock)

if he walks on some "rocky" surface he has to touch it.!!!!has too...

anything in the air...facinated...(he is a toddler)

hands can't be dirty, or his he walked in the grass without shoes...

he is gradually getting picky picky picky...(he is spoiled ) today he ate a bananna for lunch instead of a cheese burger...

trash has to go in the trash can unless i say how nasty it is...(i mean like any trash, at the park, on the sidewalk were ever)( how house stays clean though and he does see momma through away trash)

speech, like i said at first, is almost a year behind,,,(they said more than a year, but i think he isn't that for behind)

up until just recently he wouldn't even wave good-bye...

won't watch televsion...gets bored i guess..

day care is out,,,we did try several times and he crys all day....really cries

there are so many just lil things that stand out to me, not so much others, (some will say something, but quickly recover and say oh, he was premature, or he's been sick and he's fine...he'll catch up yadda yadda yadda)

he was 11 weeks is almost 22 months...
so prematurity gap should be closing...he has been really sick(asthma and allergies)...hospitalized several times...

i sometimes feel that he was sick alot and less outside ( still goes to the side a lil when walking)and drifts off and may bump a wall...(not as bad as it was though, oh been walking since 13 months) i am not around lots of children so i don't want to be so nervous for nothing.....

he has some clearly obvious smartness that is above his age though...even the early intervention people have noticed that...he knows how to munipulate a situation, and pretty good at it...but if you ask him where something is he will look in the direction, but won't point...but he will point for himself..(does this make sense)

the speech therepist has not mentioned anything although she does note some of the behaviors...he was evaled by a teach that said he showed signs of sensory problems...but i just didn't see that...not anything that stands out...although normally the speech teach says she is more touchy with the children but ds won't let...he will play ( i guess)but won't let her touch him...he can touch her

any idea...just nervous...or is he a lil different

chipmonkey Fri 01-Apr-05 00:14:51

Haven, a lot of this sounds normal to me. a lot of kids have little quirks. I really wouldn't worry.

sparklymieow Fri 01-Apr-05 00:34:17

sounds like my son..... he is a tad strange too.

haven Fri 01-Apr-05 01:33:42

LOL!!!how about wiping his tongue clean....LOL...

this one is just funny!!!!

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