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16wo DD - move from moses basket to cot during growth spurt?

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kookiegoddess Sun 11-Jan-09 23:41:55

Think my babe is getting to big for moses basket - arms hitting sides when she flings them out and I think she occasionally wakes up because she's hit the side when moving in her sleep (in between waking for feeds, that is) - but is it a bad idea to try to move her into big cot now when she is going thru growth spurt and changing every day (grasp improving, stronger, more alert, nearly giggling)- don't want to make the move more stressful than necessary. she goes into the stokke "mini" cot during the day but hasn't yet slept for more than 45 minutes in it - I've been using it for a few days. So think it might be a shock when we make it into a proper cot size. Or do they love having lots more space??

Any advice/previous experience appreciated. Tx

bubblagirl Mon 12-Jan-09 09:02:18

we started to put moses basket in cot for naps in day so could get used to bars etc gradually moved the moses basket out and ds in without it you will need to do it soon as weight wise will probably start to become a bit heavy for it

my ds loved the space we put few toys in and let him play in there for a while and he loved it spread right out and actually slept better at night

littleboyblue Mon 12-Jan-09 09:14:20

We always had the mosses basket in the big cot because we had a dog so I think that helped quite alot when we made the switch, don't even think ds noticed! We moved him early, prob at about 2-3 months as I started to feel that he wanted more room as would sleep 9 hours straight in a travel sot and only 4 in basket.
Think some babies like lots of room and some don't. My ds hates/ed having his arms covered so couldn't swaddle, he was far happier thrashing around, but some like confined space.

notcitrus Mon 12-Jan-09 17:11:13

Having just done this, I wrapped A in his blanket (semi-swaddled), plopped him in his cot once falling asleep, and he slept much better (was getting over a cold for added amusement, and was waking really easily, so I thought the hitting of the walls of the basket might be waking him even more).

Next night I put him in a grobag but with the blanket on top to cling to/nuzzle. Seems to be happy. Does mean that if he gets a cold again I can't bring him back into my room (cot is too big).

maisie215 Tue 13-Jan-09 09:34:04

My DS is 11 weeks and we just moved him to his cot two nights ago. Prior to this he was in a moses basket in our room until 9 weeks and then in moses basket in his cot until a couple of nights ago. We also have him in a grobag.

He goes down at 6.30pm and wakes at 11 and 4 to feed then is up at 7.30. We never have any problems settling him. (lucky!- he used to be a nightmare!). We put him in the cot a couple of days ago thinking he would have an unsettled night (he has a bit of a cough at the moment too) but he slept completely like normal! I think I was more bothered about it than him!

I had put him in it for naps the day before if that helps. Bet she'll be fine! I think it is best to do it at this age before they notice or know any different.

kookiegoddess Tue 13-Jan-09 23:15:42

turns out it was another JFDI situation. Put her in cot at 8pm last night and she was fine, only woke once before 10.30 feed and settled back to sleep easily. Will get hubby to make cot bigger at the weekend. Next is to let her sleep in her own room and not take her into our bed after 10.30 feed - at the moment she is waking so much I couldn't bear the thought of having to resettle her in another room - even less sleep, yikes.

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