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7 year old refuses to continue swimming lessons

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DeadTall Thu 08-Jan-09 19:32:54

My DD has moved up into the 'big' pool for her swimming lessons and had her first lesson today - disaster. She was reluctant to go to the poolside, then when she did the teacher called her name and didn't wait for her to say she was there and she rang back to me in floods. After 10 minutes of trying to find out what was wrong we went back to the changing room. She then agreed to go in for 5 minutes. She seemed to be doing so well so I left didn't call her out after 5 mins & she carried on to the end of the lesson (about 15 mins). When she came out she was in tears again saying she wanted to get out earlier but was too afraid to ask. Now I don't think I'll be able to get her back in next week, even though another girl she knows will be joining the class soon.

I need ideas on how to encourage her to go back next week as she does really love swimming and I'm determined that she carries on learning.

Any tips very gratefully received! (I feel rather guilty about not getting her out after 5 mins, but she seemed to be OK.)

dontbitemytoes Thu 08-Jan-09 19:48:02

no real tips deadtall, but I wanted you to know that you're most likely not alone

I detested swimming lessons when I was younger, but quite enjoyed swimming with my family. Can still feel the fear and can remember screaming about getting in the water (in a rather abject/out of body way, as if I was watching myself do it iyswim) I was "forced" to go a few times, but after a while mum stopped taking me.

About a year later she took me to another pool, not with any friends, just on my own. The pool was incredibly warm (i still dislike cold pools) and like a big bath. The first week there I swam 36 lengths grin

i am not a water baby at all, and don't like to get my face wet hmm but I can swim.

Would your daughter perhaps prefer a less formal group where she doesn't feel in competition with her friends?

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