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If you weaned your breastfed toddler did you notice a change in behaviour?

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FeelingLucky Wed 07-Jan-09 21:00:37

Have just weaned my 19 month old breastfed DD quite suddenly. Didn;t want to do it but am TTC and DD has never been a milk monster so felt it was okay. When she asked for milk, DH just distracted her.
Anyway, have noticed that in the past few days she really doesn't want to go to bed despite being tired.
I'm a bit confused as she was fine for the first few nights of no milk, and she doesn;t feed to sleep.

DH and I are worried we've made her feel insecure (wanting to be with us all the time and not going to bed) because of weaning? Any thoughts on this or do you think we're just projecting and it's a coincidental phase in a toddler's life?

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 08-Jan-09 01:59:58

Message withdrawn

FeelingLucky Thu 08-Jan-09 08:39:14

Thanks Knickers.
Think DH and I were just a bit paranoid last night smile

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