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Measuring feet

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ETsmum Wed 30-Mar-05 08:03:39

Any tips/ideas appreciated.

My 20mo ds HATES having his feet measured, and has done since we 1st had them done at about a year. I'm a big believer in having them properly measured, so we get the width right as well etc, but every time he cries. The ladies in the shop try their best, we've taken fave toys, sat him on our lap, given him the shoe thingy to play with, given him food, let him watch the other childern..... A couple of weeks ago we went in the shop just to look and he was unhappy (although not howling!) Today is "shoe" day again.....does anyone else go through this or is it just us?

Wallace Wed 30-Mar-05 08:28:04

At that age ds once kicked the lady right in hte face! Well she had taken off his old shoe (beloved digger ones) without even asking!

I think we probably used bribery. Maybe said he could have a little toy if he was very good.

ETsmum Wed 30-Mar-05 08:31:57

I'll let you know if any injuries are sustained today!! (Don't blame your ds though!)

ghosty Wed 30-Mar-05 08:35:42

In New Zealand they look at you funny when you mention feet measuring for children ... they haven't heard of it. If you need a pair of shoes for your toddler you go to the shop and try a few pair and take the pair that you think fits best.
Also, you are considered BARKING mad if you spend more than $20 for a pair of shoes for a child (unless you are really posh) ... $20 is about 7 quid ...
Nothing seems to be wrong with kiwi kids feet ...
However I do get funny looks and everyone thinks I am mad because I spend money on my DS' shoes ... I would rather DS had one pair of decent leather shoes than 4 pairs of crap plastic ones. Am dreading buying DD's first shoes
Anyway ... sorry about the rant ... can't think of any advice about how to get your toddler to sit still other than bribery.

fostermum Wed 30-Mar-05 08:39:30

ghosty as an ex kiwi i would die for a proper pair of jandles, rubber thongs ohhh heaven

ghosty Wed 30-Mar-05 08:41:52

They do do a good line in jandals here, fostermum, I do admit that ...
(That's "flip flops" to you Brits!!)

throckenholt Wed 30-Mar-05 09:17:11

have you tried drawing round his feet ? If you do it every month or so you can actually see if they have grown.

My kids think it is a great game - the only problem is getting them to stand still long enough - usually have to do loads and then pick the best ones, cut them out, date then and keep them for future reference. And then have to let them draw round my feet

ETsmum Wed 30-Mar-05 10:06:51

Throckenholt - what a brilliant idea. Will definitely give this one a go! Thanks

throckenholt Wed 30-Mar-05 10:09:21

it is fun to look back and see how their feet have grown over the last year or so - and very reassuring if you have small kids that don't seem to be growing.

Dalesgirl Wed 30-Mar-05 10:15:07

My DS is 3.5 and also hates having his feet measured. It is my most hated chore, last week I went to clarks and had his feet measured twice and the readings were different on both occasions. The assistant was about as enthusiastic as me but at least she escaped a kick in the face( unlike her colleagues on our last shoe fitting visit!)I bought some shoes (Cica complete with lights, yes I know they're horrible) but I have been unhappy with them since. His feet look sooooo big. Today I am off to an independent shop to have them measured again....sizes ranged from 10.5 to 11F last time, lets see what we get this time!!!
I can't find anything better to do today, so lets get humiliated in a shoe shop!! Anyone else had crap shoe fitting services? What are you favourite boys shoes, trainers? We got Elephanten last time....dearer than my shoes, it's not right...

Bozza Wed 30-Mar-05 11:30:56

My favourite are any that actually fit with my two. But thats different for DS - very wide, high feet usually fits a startrite - and for DD - had to go to 3 shops to get her a pair of cruisers that didn't gape so much that she could easily pull them off so obviously very narrow feet.

sunnyskies Wed 30-Mar-05 11:59:05

DD loves shoes so never a problem there but DS hated it and we did the drawing round the foot bit, combined with him standing against the door to have his height done and it seemed to work- ndon't know why just did - now he has more shoes and trainers than Imelda Marcos

ETsmum Wed 30-Mar-05 20:10:24

Phew Can't believe it we made it through the trauma without any tears - a first!! Feel really proud of ds - and I'm afraid dispite all the good ideas, think it was luck more then anything!! Still love the drawing round the feet idea, expecially as a little memento (sp?)

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