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ds correcting my stories

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rogan2001 Mon 28-Mar-05 22:40:49

i read my ds, 3.3yrs bedtime stories every night, he has about 12 books on his bedside table and we read 3 books each night from the selection, because i am usally tired when i am reading them, i often get the odd word wrong and he will jump straight in and say no, not that word and correct me and tell me the right word. He must have an amazing memory, sometimes i just feel like giving him the book himself and saying you read it then, seeing as you know the bl*y thing of by heart, does anyone elses children do this. It drives me crackers

Twiglett Mon 28-Mar-05 22:53:39

you should play pairs with him .. kids that age have absolutely amazing memories .. I think its cos as they get older their brains get filled up with useless stuff

Saker Mon 28-Mar-05 23:00:59

Why not go the library and get some different ones, then he won't know them so well ?

bobbybob Tue 29-Mar-05 01:23:40

Let him finish the sentences for you. Gradually he will be reading the whole book and you can go to sleep. It may be time for some new books though.

megandsoph Tue 29-Mar-05 09:56:13

rogan DD1 does this too I think it's fab I just compliment her with the clever girl phrase..

Lethal Tue 29-Mar-05 10:16:52

My ds (4) does the same thing.. even if I haven't read a story to him for 6 months, he still knows if I get a word wrong!! It's amazing. He even corrects me for calling something by the wrong name, eg if I say "Look at that bird", ds says "no Mummy it's a pigeon" etc etc. I have to be so accurate with what I say, otherwise he corrects me. Drives you insane after a while

megandsoph Tue 29-Mar-05 10:25:35

oooh and songs too!! am useless at rememebering the words apart from twinkle star

GeorginaA Tue 29-Mar-05 12:36:32

Their excellent memory is a real pain - I can't toy cull under cover of darkness or nursery attendance now because he remembers...

piffle Tue 29-Mar-05 12:47:08

I remember ds doing that, no trying to rush through a bedtime story with that boy....
And he did read early too which was brilliant!!!

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