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Whinging 17 month old DS - help

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wangle99 Mon 28-Mar-05 21:48:37

Help me! Please!

DS is 17 months old and whinges ALL the time. I'm getting to the end of my tether with knowing what to do.

I would say it isn't frustration through lack of communication as he speaks fairly well and he signs so has no problem at all getting across what he wants.

He will not leave me alone, spends alot of time attached to my leg. I am still bf on demand. I do work but he comes with me.

When DH looks after him he's fine! He might cry if I leave the house but he's fine while I'm gone and cries when I come.

Arrghghghg any ideas?

Thank you


megandsoph Mon 28-Mar-05 22:08:27

no ideas sry hun am going through the same thing with DD2. sure someone will be along shortly

megandsoph Mon 28-Mar-05 22:47:48


MrsWood Tue 29-Mar-05 16:27:49

I wouldn't worry - our dd (now coming up to 21 months) was exactly the same (gotta be a thread on here somewhere when I posted my annoyances). She used to whinge and whinge and whinge a little more. She would want this and that and then not at all, then cry, then want to be cuddled all the time etc. Didn't help she was constantly ill (picked up EVERYTHING from nursery so far!) so she'd be in the bad mood beacuse of that as well - then it all suddenly stopped about a month ago when she turned into a golden child. She's so much fun now I wanna be stay at home mum again! She's funny, happy, pays more attention to things and she now started playing on her own so hubby and I get our few minutes peace. I can't explain what happened but grandma reckons it's cause she's no longer ill and I must say that I think it all stopped then too. Just wait, be patient and hopefully she'll be fine very soon. Good luck!

pungy Tue 29-Mar-05 20:17:22

OH my God!! I could be you. Came on here this evening to post a message 'cos my little boy driving me stir crazy and you have already done one for me!!
Had day today when I felt moments of pure unadulterated hatred as he sat on the floor by me crying and whinging whilst I tried to cook. He is just 2 and 12 weeks ago i had a little girl too. My ds has always been very reliant on me for entertainment (think I devoted too much time to him when he was a baby) so I always knew he might not react too well to the new arrival. To start with his clinging also meant not letting my hubby anywhere near him without screaming blue murder. This has calmed down a bit but the attachment to me is really getting me down. He is at nursery three days a week and I can't even cope with the remaining two weekdays! It is unrelenting and I am a) not especially maternal b) have the patience of a gnat and c) hate clingy behaviour!
So ended up shouting at him today which of course just triggered off mass hysteria.......
even at toddler groups he won't leave my side and rarely plays with anything without my input.
Ended up in tears today several times and am well and truly at end of my tether.
Obviously none of this helps you especially but you are certainly not alone!

If anyone out there has any advice or words of wisdom please let me know!

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