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can anyone shed some light on this brain gym stuff ????

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charlie95 Mon 28-Mar-05 21:47:38

whats it all about ? how it works ?

where you get/do it ?

who's it for ? whats it like ?

what are the outcomes ?

Jimjams Mon 28-Mar-05 22:15:17

I have a thread about it under education at the moment. basically its a series of movements that are meant to get the 2 sides of the brain working together. After menaing to for years I've finally sent away for some exercise books so I can do the moves on ds1 in his sleep

bensmum3 Tue 29-Mar-05 08:57:58

A friend went on a workshop recently and thought it was great, she has a big booklet of excercises , but I've not seen it yet. I think it can be used by all ages though.

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