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How can i get him to..........

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charleepeters Mon 28-Mar-05 20:43:58

Any tips on ensouraging ds to,
hold his own bolltle,
roll over,
entertain himself sometimes,
generally do something for himself!
its not that i expect him to look after himself or anything hes only 7 months but ds wont do anything except lay on his back and hold a toy or scream untill hes picked up he hold his bottle for a couple of seconds but then lets go and rolling over he WONT do! what were your kids doing at 7 months? i know all kids are different but a rough idea would be good i worry hes not learning to do things he should be.

charleepeters Mon 28-Mar-05 20:53:36

sorry have to continue got it off my chest its just sometimes i get so frustrated everyone elsed baby seems to be doing more than he is and its so annoying he can sit unsupporter for a couple of secs and he plays un his baby walker for a few mins but then e screams i dont know what toys and games and things i can get him to play with/watch/ect to help him develop........

charleepeters Mon 28-Mar-05 21:11:59

any ideas would be soooo hepfull sorry for being persistant its really worrying me!

Katemum Mon 28-Mar-05 21:15:15

My dd is 10 months and does not hold her own bottle. Think you may be being a little impatient, you can give him lots of encouragement but he will do things until he is ready not when you want him to.

tillykins Mon 28-Mar-05 21:15:19

My baby didn't hold his own bottle till he was a year old charlee, but I suppose you could take the weight of it and let him hold it - why do you want him to do this? Its no big deal is it?
Rolling over - mine never learned to roll back! They seem to do this at such a wide variety of ages
To be honest, I think you are expecting a lot of such a young baby, I don't think you should be worrying about it, I think you should be enjoying what he can do, not worrying about what you think he should be able to do. And sod everyone else's baby - the mummy mafia can really get to you I know, but ignore them. Your baby is precious and unique for what he is, not what he can do at what age

Katemum Mon 28-Mar-05 21:15:36

when he is ready!!

charleepeters Mon 28-Mar-05 21:20:07

sorry your right its just im a really young mum and i get dirty looks as it is and dont want people to think that ds isnt as clever as other babies, i dont want him to do these thing for any reason its just other peoples babies seem to so i was wondering why he doesnt but it seems hes not alone sorry for troubling you i will leave it now

jackeroo Mon 28-Mar-05 21:21:13

my DS is now 9.5 months. when he was 7 months he enjoyed being under a baby gym for a while (we swapped the hanging things around so there was something new to play with), he liked watching 'baby einstein' DVDs now and then when i wanted to leave him to his own devices, he was just starting to roll over but used to get stuck and scream for help, he also only sat unsupported for a short time, and he still doesn't hold his own bottle.

he did enjoy trying to hold a trainer cup of water with hand grips on either side.

he sounds similar to your DS at that age and certainly wanted lots of attention much of the time. i found i had to take him for lots of walks or carry him around in the sling...

he liked (and still does) toys that aren't really toys like kitchen utensils, plastic spoons and bowls, plastic bottles of water, ripping up bits of paper (supervised!) - amazing what was interesting to him.

tillykins Mon 28-Mar-05 21:22:20

no trouble charlee, perfectly normal to be concerned about his development - sorry if I seemed harsh, I thought you were being one of these pushy mums who want their babies to be walking at 9 months, potty trained at 12m and reading at 18m! But obviously you are just worried he isn't developing properly - but it sounds like he is doing just fine. You just sit back and watch how much he is learning and don't worry about the milestones others set for him, enjoy him whilst he is still little and relatively immobile
Sorry again

hamster Mon 28-Mar-05 21:25:45

Hey there
My ds is 7 1/2 months.....I too am a little worried about the expectations that we all have about milestones...rolling over....eating...etc. A lot of people around me with kids of their own seem to have kids that rolled over at 5months and walked at 9months etc etc.
Well my little man started rolling over about a month ago, that is,after vigorous training and coaxing on the bed for about 2hours a day-for a week!
He too WON'T hold his bottle for more than about 30secs....but each day it's getting better. I bought him a handle which has helped tremendously. I think they sell them for most bottle types.
I think that one of the best things I've done is introduce him to finger foods,he seems a lot more interested in using his hands, and therefore trying to do something himself!
He's not sitting up yet though, which is my biggest concern-seems happier lay on his back, and will do anything to get there!
I suppose I've just come to terms with the fact that he will do things when he's ready and not a second sooner....

Loochyloo Mon 28-Mar-05 21:27:00

I agree re mumy mafia! Am currently engaged in a secret (but not so secret) "How long does yours sleep at night/ how many teeth has he got etc" thing with a friend whose dd is a week old than my ds. I hate myself for doing it but can't help it once we start!

Are you getting fed up of having to pick him up all the time? Mine is 7.5 months and I must confess I am getting a little fed up of it. Am trying to encourage abit of autonomy by playing "peek a boo" (so he learns mummy comes back when she disappears!) and letting him roll on the floor trying to eat my slippers, well it's a rest fom actually holding him in my arms! He seems quite happy if I'm in close vicinity and so don't always have to pick him up.
To be honest his fav "toy" at the mo (apart from my slippers) is the table leg which he clutches onto and tries to chew of course completely ignoring all the "developmental" toys carefully spread out.
Sorry if I got wrong end of stick, you just sounded a bit hacked off!

charleepeters Mon 28-Mar-05 21:28:53

thats ok i had a bad day got some old woman muttering about 'bloody teen mums' and 'poor child should have a proper mother not one whos a child herself' its really hacks me off its not your fault, im not a pushy mother i just want him to be normal, just another quicky how long do you advise letting him lay on his back yo play, plau in his walker, sit in his baby chair ect i dont wheres best for him just to do his thing and play i dont want him to be laying/sitting to long if its bad for him. sorry hard to explain

tillykins Mon 28-Mar-05 21:32:30

I think the walker is advised for only 20 mins at a time, the others are fine for however long. Perhaps you can get him one of those doorbouncers, they can have 15-20 mins in there too.
Ignore the comments, ignorant rude cow! Shows a distinct lack of maturity on her part, not yours!

Have you joined any baby groups, mums and tots, NCT and so on? You sound like you need to be out and about a bit charlee - don't mind me if I am being an interfering old bag, but it just sounds like you need to get out with him and mix with other parents and babies

charleepeters Mon 28-Mar-05 21:36:26

yeah i do but the only one near me is only on once amonth but i m around my sister alot who all have young babies and no i dont think your being an interfearing old bag lol i have cheered up a bit now just was annoyed bad day and all that im usually fine and happy! im fine honestly i just worry sometimes i dont want to give young mums anymore of a bad name than we already have lol im sure ds is fine hes very alert and interested in everything he ikes to hold things and feel different textures so he is trying bless him!

Loochyloo Mon 28-Mar-05 21:39:36

What a bitch!!!
I hope you told her where to go!
Take no notice hun! A friend of mine's mum had her at 17 (and he brother at 15!) and to be honest they all have a gret relationship and her mum comes on girly nights out with us (well she did when i last went on them about 100 years ago it feels like!) I had my ds at 37 and am totally knackered the whole time and spend half the time worrying I am far too old to be a mum to a young child.
Re activities, I heard 15 mins at a time in walker to start (there's a lot of controversy about them, see other threads..) but as for other stuff if he's really crying cos he's upset pick him up, otherwise I leave him alittle to see if he just wants mummy to stop what she's doing and play with him...(eek what a terrible old mother I am!)
Don't worry too much about the development, everything comes in its own time

charleepeters Mon 28-Mar-05 21:46:05

thanks thats what i love about muumsnet your all so friendly and you have really put my mind at ease thanks alot everyone!

bobbybob Tue 29-Mar-05 01:30:44

At 7 months he's still a baby and likes being cuddled whilst having a bottle. My ds couldn't do a cup until his first birthday.

My ds rolled over once for me, once for daddy and then gave up until he started to crawl at 13 months.

Give him lots of cuddles and praise, nobody had ever said anything nasty to me while I have been telling Bob how lovely he is.

Doing stuff early does not mean that babies are more clever. Your ds will be developing in ways you haven't even realised. Just talk and sing to him and tell him you love him. The way to show people that you are capable of being a mum is to enjoy your baby and let him be a baby. I know you know this, but him rolling over or holding his own bottle won't make nasty people any less nasty.

swedishmum Tue 29-Mar-05 14:32:39

Have you tried lying on the floor with him? I used to find that mine would entertain themselves happily while I lounged around with a magazine, and occasionally jiggled the baby gym with my foot, as long as I was close by. I'm an old mum and still get lots of advice in the street from well meaning old people - they probably don't know I had 3 before a gap and wonder what I'm doing with a baby at my age! At least my advanced years give me the confidence to tell them all to bog off...
Great mums are all ages, so please try to ignore other people's opinions - I know it's easier to say than do!

Nathanmum Tue 29-Mar-05 14:40:59

Don't worry about what nayone else says. The fact that you're so concerned shows that you're being a great Mum already. My ds wouldn't hold a bottle till almost 1 but liked the handle on a sippy cup if you're giving a little water maybe try one. Otherwise try putting his chair in different places so he can see different things... And don't worry - they all get there in their own time!

Sponge Tue 29-Mar-05 14:45:20

There's a huge spectrum of mums on here from the very young to the pretty old (me) and we all do more or less well with a little help from our friends. There are advantages to both I think. My mum had us when she was very young and I love it that my parents were so young when we were growing up and are still young enough to be evry active for their grandchildren.
Ignore the bigoted old bag.
FWIW my ds is 8 months and can't hold a cup, has only just managed to sit unaided but still goes down onto his front or back after a short while and doesn't amuse himself with any toy for more than a few minutes although this has improved a bit with sitting up. He can roll though - boy can he roll .

MrsWood Tue 29-Mar-05 17:04:55

Our dd is almost 21 months and she just recently started playing by herself a little bit - and I mean recently - few days ago! I also thought we were gonna go insane being constantly the ones playing with her and her toys, but now since she started doing her own things a little bit, we're like on holiday! We can actually sit down, have a cup of coffee, read a bit of papers etc. with her chatting away in the background playing with her happyland houses. It's only for 30-45 mins but it's great. She didn't hold her own bottle until she was around 11 months and I think she only rolled over once when she was about 8 months old, and didn't do it for months afterwards (now she does it all the time - rolling around a laughing her head off). Don't worry, you'll make it through these boring times when you have to do everything for your ds, and certainly don't worry about others and what their kids do - as you can see on these forums - everyones kids are different and for all you know, your ds could be the next Einstein! It will all come together very soon - good luck!

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