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omg DS ate someone else's lunch today at school

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DLI Wed 17-Dec-08 17:44:53

Darling ds (5) takes packed lunch to school as he is a fussy eater but today was xmas dinner and he wanted to have it so a couple of weeks ago I paid for him to have it. I reminded him twice before leaving home that he was having xmas dinner and not packed lunch, my mum also reminded him on the way to school. When I go to pick him up I find out he has mistaken another boy's lunch bag for his, eaten half the other boy's and then his xmas dinner. Other boy got a free xmas dinner as well so he didnt starve! DS got upset when the school realised what he had done and told him but I am sooooo embarassed,even though I find it quite funny. Has this happened to anyone else?

Milliways Wed 17-Dec-08 17:57:07

Lol! smile

At least no-one went hungry!

MrsWeasleyStrokesSantasSack Wed 17-Dec-08 18:02:32

oh dont worry. We had parents sending in sandwiches when they had paid for xmas dinners. We also had 2 children without any lunch because Mum had written the date wrongly in her diary and despite her children telling her that the teacher had said the xmas lunch was the following day she still insisted that her knew best.grin

We had one boy who ate anothers lunch. In fairness they had the same lunch boxes but this lad wondered why his mum had written someone elses name on the bottom of his lunch box grin

muggglewump Wed 17-Dec-08 18:09:01

DD did this last month. I was mortified and had to pay for the dinner the school had had to give the other girl.

I told DD if she even looks at someone elses lunch box again I will kill her!

DLI Wed 17-Dec-08 18:09:43

thanks it makes me feel better knowing it happens alot by the sounds of it!

shubiedoo Wed 17-Dec-08 18:10:20

Sometimes ds1 has the school lunch, but he says other kids bring sandwiches AS WELL; what is that all about?! Why make that much work for yourself and pay twice...

jollyoldstnickschick Wed 17-Dec-08 18:10:34

My ds2 swapped his teacher a slice of his smartie traybakeblush for her scone with jam and cream lol

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