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premature baby - is she doing okay?

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Allyco Mon 21-Mar-05 20:34:10

Hi ladies. DD was born at 32 weeks and is now nearly seven months by her dates.

She can't roll over, or sit up, but she can laugh and "talk" and pick things up.

Am I worrying unnecessarily?

fruitful Mon 21-Mar-05 20:44:35

Well my dd was born full term and couldn't roll over or sit up unaided at 7 months. Sitting at 9mo, crawled at 11mo, walked at 13mo, is now lively active 2y10m.

bensmum3 Mon 21-Mar-05 23:12:44

Hi, If you're worried talk to your HV, my dd was 4 weeks early and was always very small, she is now 10 and still petite. I worried all the time about what the books said she should be doing, but she was fine, I'm now on no3 and don't even look at the books anymore, he was last weighed at 6 months, he's now 21 months, even babies born on their due dates develop at different rates.

AussieSim Tue 22-Mar-05 03:33:52

I wouldn't be worrying if I were you. My DS was 5weeks premmie and at 25months is still small for his age. I am sure he didn't role till he was 7 or 8mths - not adjusted. He crawled at 12months and walked at 16months. The only thing that continues to chip away at me is that he doesn't jump yet - although he is trying.

AussieSim Tue 22-Mar-05 03:42:15

I just checked and apparently the jumping guide is by 2.5, so we have a few months yet - so like you, I have been worrying unneccessarily.

kid Tue 22-Mar-05 07:27:17

My nephew was 5 weeks prem, he was a late at supporting his head and sitting up unaided. He waslked at 15 months and is now an average size 11 year old and doing everything he should be doing.
All children develop at different rates and we just torment ourselves worrying about when they will do this or that.

kid Tue 22-Mar-05 07:28:25

My DD was convinced she could jump, she tried so hard but only one foot would come off the ground! She can jump now at though! (she is 6)

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