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"it's Sticky"!

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Evesmama Mon 21-Mar-05 09:39:25

bought dd some new dummies yesterday, ones i used to get her but havent been able to get hold of for months..gave her one last night after sterilising it and she kept saying "yak..sticky"!, thought shed forget and pop it in mouth when going to bed?, but went down last night not much later than normal....with NO DUMMY!!!!!!, gave her one of her usual ones at 4am when she woke up and wouldnt settle, but took it off her this morning and when shes asked for one, gave her the new one which she flatly refuses!!!! is this the start of something???i hope so

Twiglett Mon 21-Mar-05 09:40:29

sounds like an ideal opportunity to stop giving her dummies

Evesmama Mon 21-Mar-05 09:41:21

thats what i thought, hate the things anyway so hopefully thsi is my way out?????

Hulababy Mon 21-Mar-05 09:44:23

I would definitely try it as an opportunity to get rid, if you are ready to do that. And it may well be easier than you think - we were convinced it'd be a nightmare, but it went so smoothly. I was shocked!

Evesmama Mon 21-Mar-05 10:17:10

will do, am off to shops, friends then mum and toddlers, dd would normally have a sleep about 1pm today but will prob go till 2.45-3ish because well be doing stuff, so hopefully shell still refuse the dummy on way home and sleep in pram?
she asked for it once this morning only and i keep saying "its your new dummy"!!!and she puts it back down and says "Yak"!!fingers crossed.

Evesmama Mon 21-Mar-05 22:34:45

had to give dummy at 4am, but not had one all day today, cried for it when needing afternoon nap..went straight through with no sleep and put her to bed just before 7pm as se was very grumpy, but still no dummy, she asked for it thaen spat it back out and turned over
fell very sad for her though, but will be really glad if she can do without
mind you, considering no nap today, she's chuntering like a good un now!

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