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Could this be down to food?

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helsy Sun 20-Mar-05 21:18:32

Dd1 is 5. She went out with a schoolfriend today and since she got back her behaviour has been appalling, really erratic and quite upsetting. She isn't perfect - in fact I've started a thread in the past about the fact that I get sick of asking her to do things several times before she listens - but generally she is a good girl, bright and fairly calm. Today we've had four hours of hell and she's still awake. She has gone from downright disobedience and rudeness, writing me letters with rude words in, then tearing them up in tears and saying she didn't know why she did it, to hysterics which she told DH were because she had thought something so bad about me she couldn't ever say it but it wouldn't go out of her head, and sobbing that she was rubbish and didn't like herself and everyone hated her (we tell her never to use that word). All this was done whilst racing round the house and being very agitated physically. This lasted about two hours, then she became what I can only describe as "high" - bouncing everywhere, kissing dd2 until we had to stop her, shouting all over the house that she loved us and loved everyone and so on.
This is completely out of character. Her eyes are swollen from crying and some of the things she said - particularly about herself - really upset me.
The only thing I can think of that might explain it is that she went with the friend to a well-known chain of family friendly pubs and had ice cream from a machine with lots of garish coloured toppings. We've only ever let her have that once at another child's party a year ago and it made her sick.
I'm not jumping on the Jamie Oliver bandwagon - haven't really watched it although I'm aware of what he's saying - but can anyone else think of another reason why a normally happy and even-tempered child might suddenly turn like this?

Enid Sun 20-Mar-05 21:19:36

God you poor things that sounds awful.

Has she gone to sleep now?

helsy Sun 20-Mar-05 21:24:54

Yes she is Enid. The baby's awake and screaming though. I'm just hoping it was a one-off. We tried to talk to her about her day, see if there was anything else that might have triggered this -but she seems to have had a nice time and was with a friend she's known for three years and her mum.

Jimjams Sun 20-Mar-05 21:28:23

sounds like it coud be to me. If you read "ds1's behaviour is out of control at home" on SN you'll see that ds1 is similar. In his case it was the after effects of having calpol (sweetners). Tok me a while to work out though. He had a sip of coke once and was bouncing off the walls. (and I'm not a smug foody- his diet is crap- hasn't had a fruit for 6 months and a vegetable for 3 years- it's just additive free crap!)

helsy Sun 20-Mar-05 21:36:06

Thanks Jimjams. Dh thought I was looking for an excuse, but I can't think of anything else that could explain it. We're not smug foodies either - she ate nursery food every day for three years, fgs - but we do eat about 75 percent organic at home and don't go to burger places.

Enid Sun 20-Mar-05 21:38:29

see what she is like in the morning. FWIW dd1 went to a party last week and the drinks were lo-cal squashes with sweetners in - dd1 was very bizarre on the way home, crying over the most stupid things, being horrible to dd2 - fell asleep the minute she got home and was fine in the morning?

suedonim Sun 20-Mar-05 22:10:24

Dd2 had a spell of being 'deranged' as her older sis calls it, just yesterday. I'm pretty sure it was because she had some coke to drink. Apart from bouncing round everywhere and the incessant talk-talk-talk all the time, she was singing ringtones non-stop, even whilst walking up the main street! She used to be very sensitive to fizzy drinks but seemed to have grown out of it so this looks like a bit of a relapse. Luckily we can live without coke.

GeorginaA Sun 20-Mar-05 22:12:19

Not to that extreme, helsy, but you can definitely tell if my ds1 has had too much squash or sweets (we normally give him chocolate instead of things like dolly mixtures - can only assume they have some sort of additive?) because he just seems to bounce off the walls.

We've had to eat out lots in the last 3 days (kitchen being gutted) and it's quite obvious he's had one too many fruit shoots. He just seems to get hyper. Certainly something I think we're going to need to keep an eye on as he gets older (he's 3 atm).

singersgirl Sun 20-Mar-05 23:31:37

Hi, Helsy, it really could be food. My elder DS, now 6, is intolerant to lots of things, including colourings, flavourings, many preservatives and some natural food chemicals (salicylates and amines, and probably natural glutamates as well as MSG). In his case, it's usually a gradual build up,rather than a sudden meltdown, which is why it took me 5 years to realise what the problem was! Like Jimjams' son, he reacts to sweeteners in Calpol, as well as flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Your DD's behaviour sounds very like my son when he is reacting - irrational, angry, tearful, unsure of why he is acting the way he is. He is now on a diet low in artificial and natural food chemicals which means lots of bread making etc, but he is so much calmer. Hope your DD recovers soon!

Evesmama Sun 20-Mar-05 23:34:34

dont want to provoke a problem, but could anything else have happend to her while she was out? someone said or did something to her to make her say these things or feel upset?

helsy Sun 20-Mar-05 23:42:59

Mmm, EvesMama, I did wonder but only after she'd gone to sleep so I haven't really asked. I think I'd almost feel better if it was food - the idea of someone harming or frightening her breaks my heart. There have been "power struggle" issues with the friend in the past, but her mum was there and knows about them so I don't think her daughter would do anything while she was there.

Evesmama Mon 21-Mar-05 08:49:58

well hopefully thats not the case, its probably just my suspicious mind..hope shes better this morning

Marina Mon 21-Mar-05 11:07:06

Hope she is better this morning, Helsy. The only other explanation I could think of is that she might be coming down with something

helsy Mon 21-Mar-05 20:47:58

Thanks everyone - bit terrifying to hear that others have had similar(if not as extreme) experiences after certain foods.
Dd1's been a lot calmer today, nothing like yesterday. She insists nothing happened when she was out with her friend to make her unhappy, and physically she seems fine. When I ask her about yesterday she looks upset.
Think we just leave it now and avoid ice creams with blue bits on top like the plague.

Evesmama Tue 22-Mar-05 14:42:46

glad shes better helsy

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