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My four year old has a lisp - should I worry?

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bathmummy Sun 20-Mar-05 08:16:33

My four year old has always struggled a little with language. She has a reasonable vocab range and her grammar is as good as any four year old but we have noticed that she finds pronunciation of a lot of words harder than many other kids seem to find and has a definite lisp. She sticks her tongue between her teeth and makes the classic "tthhh" instead of "ssss", she says "mew" instead of "new", "ff" and "th" wrong way round etc.etc.
No experience of speech problems in either side of family so are at a loss knowing whether we should be cool about it and it will sort itself out or whether we should be "doing something" like take her to be checked out by HV or doing some of our own vocal coaching with her.
Obviously we try to correct her ina low key way so as not to be constantly picking her up but maybe we could/should do more? Any experience or opinions gratefully read. Thanks

NotQuiteCockney Sun 20-Mar-05 08:32:05

My DS1 (3y6m) has good language, but also has some "speech problems" like this. ("ff" for "th", some sound confusion, most amusingly "bra" and "raw") I think this is normal for the age, and resolves itself.

One thing you can check, if you need reassurance, is if she can hear the differences between the sounds that are giving her trouble - if she can't, then it's maybe worth talking to your HV. Also, listen to her friends, and you'll hear a whole range of other speech problems.

bathmummy Sun 20-Mar-05 08:37:55

thanks NQC. I will check her hearing and ability to differentiate between these sounds today. Will wait for a good moment and make it into a game.
I guess you are right about other children with speech problems, I only home in on my own child but perhaps it is more common than I think and not such a big deal.

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