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Why does he keep banging his face & hurting himself???

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fimblesfan Sat 19-Mar-05 22:04:21


First of all I should appologize as I haven't been on MN for over a month now due to probs with P.C, but luckily dp has bought me my own laptop so you probably won't be able to get rid of me now

Well the problem is my ds is 11.5 months & for the past few days he keeps banging his face constantly on hard surfaces until he hurts himself & cries, today he done it on his wooden toybox & split his lip. It's very worrying & when you tell him not to do it he does it even more, has anyone else experienced this & what should I do?

fimblesfan Sat 19-Mar-05 22:23:15


Tortington Sun 20-Mar-05 18:23:27

ignore it

Pinotmum Sun 20-Mar-05 18:27:18

My ds was always head butting the floor (wooden) and eventually realised it was not good to do this. He used to look astonished that it hurt. He is now more careful where he does this sort of thing. I used to ignore him in the end but it made my mother worried when she first saw it. Your ds will learn in time, they all do.

scoot Wed 06-Apr-05 08:59:04

just to say I am new to this site and not up on the lingo (ds, dd) so i appologise.
I have a one year old who keeps hitting himself over the head and headbutting things. he will hit himself with anything and use his hand if there is nothing available. He will headbutt doors, walls, furniture and if nothing is within butting distance, bend over and butt the floor.
I think this is partly fustration but the head slapping is constant. I really dont know what to do about it, its a big worry. can anyone help

anniebear Thu 07-Apr-05 22:06:08

I always ignored my little girl when she did it. Otherwise you are giving attention for something that is wrong, presuming they are head/face banging because they cant get their own way or have been told off etc

They will do it all the more if they see you panic and jump up to them.

Once they see that it doesnt bother you it should stop.

Saying that, it was very hard to ignore it when she smacked her head down on the wooden floor.

It was also hard at friends houses as they would jump up to her straight away and I would look a terrible Mum for sitting there and ignoring her!! But she did stop doing it and is now quite a nice 3 year old!!

A lot of toddlers do it and survive!!!

anniebear Thu 07-Apr-05 22:08:54

An idea if you cant ignore it is to maybe get a big cushion or bean bag and and soon as he does it to not make eye contact or speak but just to pick him up without cuddling and put his head onto the cushion in the hope that if he keeps banging it at least it will be on something soft

(ok, I own up, saw that one on Baby Whisperer!!!)

haven Fri 08-Apr-05 00:30:56

22 month old still bangs head and has done it since i can it has progressed in the face slapping but the hand banging isn't everyday...

don't panic if that is the only thing wrong...just take note...don't ignore it, but don't let them know that you are watching..children know how to get attention if that is what it is about..other do it for relaxation..others do it out of being bored...never know...don't say don't do that or stop , unless there face is bloody or some crazy stuff like that....but almost 2 years of it...nurses laugh because it gets real intense when he is trying to put himself to sleep..others say "what's wrong with him"....try to scoot a pillow on the hard ds sometimes gets mad...sometimes he lets....just watch...and see...

Lea2003 Sat 09-Apr-05 11:52:40

My dd 18 months does the same and has done so since about 11 months. Agree with ignoring it - it has got better. Mind you she only does it with me and not the childminder!

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